We have already written about our automatic web service to discover implicit schemas in JSON documents (here and here) in the portal.

Thanks to a new feature we are releasing today, you can now use this service to convert your JSON files to EMF Ecore models. You can transform both the (implicit & discovered) JSON schema plus the JSON data. The schema is converted as an standard .ecore model while the JSON data is stored as an XMI instance model conforming to the first one.

Ecore is part of the EMF project, the official (meta)modeling framework for the Eclipse platform. This means that having your JSON documents as Ecore/instance models will immediately allow you to benefit from the plethora od model-driven tools avaialble, for instance to do some analysis or code-generation from them.

You can find this new feature in the Simple and Advanced discoverers, the only thing you have to do is to click in the corresponding buttons to see the files and then download them.


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