During my 2-year postdoc in Toronto, I did some work with Eric Yu about the integration of GORE (Goal-Oriented Requirements Engineering) and model-driven development methods.

We believe that understanding the organizational context and rationales (the “Whys”) that lead up to system requirements (the “Whats”) help to analyze the stakeholders’ interests and how they might be addressed, or compromised, by the different design alternatives and that this analysis is very important for the ongoing success of the system. However, this is not usually considered by current MDD methods. Therefore, we proposed to extend MDE methods with an improved requirements elicitation phase based on the use of goal-oriented techniques for the analysis and specification of the organization. Our preliminary ideas on this topic can be found here .

I always thought that this work would be just one additional academic exercise with no industrial interest. However, to my surprise, when having dinner with a representative of a big French consultancy company, he mentioned his interest in mixing GORE and MDD as a way to bridge the gap between business (who think in terms of goals and processes) and IT people (who think in more technical/functional terms). So, it seems that not only big companies show interest in MDD but also some of them are already going beyond MDD itself and start exploring how to integrate MDD with the business side of the company. Hopefully, we will be able to collaborate with them in this effort.


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