Hot topics in MDE research (based on ECMFA accepted papers)

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As promised, now that we have completed the selection of the research papers to be presented at ECMFA’14 , I’m showing you the wordcloud for their titles so that you can get a feeling of what research teams on model-driven engineering are working on right now.

ecmfa wordcloud - accepted

As a reminder, this was the wordcloud for the titles of all submitted papers.

ECMFA wordcloud - submitted papers

Can you spot a big difference between the two? Hint: a very popular notation has been “killed” during the review phase (this is just for fun! do not try to draw any serious interpretation from it)

The full list of accepted papers (Foundations track – we’ll very soon update the conference web page with the complete list) is the following (in no particular order):

  • Rolf-Helge Pfeiffer, Jan Reimann and Andrzej Wasowski. Language-Independent Traceability with Lässig
  • Yoann Laurent, Reda Bendraou, Souheib Baarir and Marie-Pierre Gervais. Alloy4SPV: a Formal Framework for Software Process Verification
  • Tao Yue and Shaukat Ali. A MOF-based Framework for Defining Metrics to Measure the Quality of Models
  • Colin Atkinson and Ralph Gerbig. Level-Agnostic Designation of Model Elements
  • Jesús Sánchez Cuadrado, Esther Guerra and Juan De Lara. Towards the Systematic Construction of Domain-Specific Transformation Languages
  • Jabier Martinez, Tewfik Ziadi, Jacques Klein and Yves Le Traon. Identifying and Visualising Commonality and Variability in Model Variants
  • Antonio Moreno-Delgado, Francisco Durán, Steffen Zschaler and Javier Troya. Modular DSLs for flexible analysis: An e-Motions reimplementation of Palladio
  • Ivan Logre, Sebastien Mosser, Philippe Collet and Michel Riveill. Sensor Data Visualisation: a Composition-based Approach to Support Domain Variability
  • Konstantinos Barmpis and Dimitris Kolovos. Towards Scalable Querying of Large-Scale Models
  • Simon Schwichtenberg, Christian Gerth, Zille Huma and Gregor Engels. Normalizing Heterogeneous Service Description Models with Generated QVT Transformations
  • Samson Pierre, Eric Cariou, Olivier Le Goaer and Franck Barbier. A Family-based Framework for i-DSML Adaptation
  • Wei Dou, Domenico Bianculli and Lionel Briand. OCLR: a More Expressive, Pattern-based Temporal Extension of OCL
  • Anthony Anjorin, Sebastian Rose, Frederik Deckwerth and Andy Schürr. Efficient Model Synchronization with View Triple Graph Grammars
  • Ralf Laemmel and Andrei Varanovich. Interpretation of Linguistic Architecture
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