For the first time, we (Richard Paige, Alfonso Pierantonio and myself) are organizing a workshop to discuss the grand challenges in modeling and model-driven engineering. The workshop will be co-located with the STAF conference.

The workshop will focus on presentations of position papers and challenge problems (precisely and concisely stated). Because the workshop is designed to set a challenging research agenda on modeling and Model-Driven Engineering for the next 5-10 years, we solicit papers on any topic relevant to modeling or MDE. Papers should be either presenting a clear positive position about relevant research, or define a challenge problem to motivate the community. See the workshop website for more details on deadlines, publication and submission process.

I have high expectations for this workshop. It’s going to be 10 years since I last did a similar exercise, which resulted in the paper A research agenda for conceptual schema-centric development (free pdf) and it’s going to be very interesting (and enlightening) to see whether problems from 10 years ago are solved or they continue to be challenging, what others problems pop up and how the community plans to work together to solve them in the following years.

You can now see the workshop program including the links to the papers and presentations (when available)

  • Cognifying Model-Driven Software Engineering [presentation|paper]
    Jordi Cabot, Robert Clarisó, Marco Brambilla, Sébastien Gerard
  • Taming the Complexity of Model-Driven Systems Engineering Projects [presentation|paper]
    Arvid Butting, Timo Greifenberg, Bernhard Rumpe, Andreas Wortmann
  • MDE Adoption—A Three-legged Chair [presentation|paper]
    Juri Di Rocco, Davide Di Ruscio, Ludovico Iovino, Ralf Lämmel, Alfonso Pierantonio
  • Some Narrow and Broad Challenges in MDD [presentation|paper]
    Martin Gogolla, Frank Hilken, Andreas Kaestner
  • Non-Human Modelers: Can They Work? [presentation|paper]
    Antonio Garcia-Dominguez, Nelly Bencomo
  • Towards developing right systems – a model-driven approach [presentation|paper]
    Vinay Kulkarni, Sreedhar Reddy
  • Toward a Sound Theory for Global Consistency Management [presentation|paper]
    Zinovy Diskin, Harald König, Mark Lawfor
  • Modelling By the People, For the People [presentation|paper]
    Steven Kelly
  • The Tool Generation Challenge for Executable Domain-Specific Modeling Languages [presentation|paper]
    Tanja Mayerhofer, Benoit Combemale
  • On the Need for Temporal Model Repositories [presentation|paper]
    Manuel Wimmer, Robert Bill, Alexandra Mazak, Birgit Vogel-Heuser
  • More Models and Then A Lot More Models [presentation|paper]
    Önder Babur, Loek Cleophas, Mark van den Brand, Bedir Tekinerdogan, Mehmet Aksit
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