For the first time, we (Richard Paige, Alfonso Pierantonio and myself) organized a workshop to discuss the grand challenges in modeling and model-driven engineering. This workshop was then followed by the 1st Winter Modeling Meeting co-organized by Alfonso, Richard and Antonio Bucchiarone.

Experts from industry and academia attended these meetings and presented their views that reflected on the research roadmaps of the past, and the challenges facing the community in the future. As a result of all the discussions and reflections on both events, we have now written the paper Grand challenges in model-driven engineering: an analysis of the state of the research (free private copy if needed) that aims to synthesize. Moreover, it outlines how far the community has come in addressing challenges presented in previously published research roadmaps (like this one, this other one and even my previous research agenda for conceptual schema-centric development )  to see whether problems from 10 years ago are solved or they continue to be challenging, what others problems pop up and how the community plans to work together to solve them in the following years.

As summarized in the following figure, the MDE community came up with a good number of important challenges both Technical challenges (at the foundational, domain and tool levels) as well as Community and Social aspects.

Model-driven engineering challenges


We hope that this analysis not only represents a snapshot of the challenges faced in this research eld but contributes to stimulating researchers, practitioners, and tool developers to tackle and explore some of them. At the same time, we believe it provides a useful context for future research projects, research grant proposals and new research directions. We hope in a few years we can look back at this list and see many of them crossed out as a sign of the continuous advancement and maturity of our community.

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