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GenMyModel is a cloud-based UML tool for developers and software architects. Its main force: create UML-compliant models and generate code online, from a web-browser.

GenMyModel has been boosted since its first post on modeling-language: several thousands of users have registered and the recurrent feedback was decisive to build the features. Thomas Legrand updates on the status of the project

After a first beta released in 2013, proving that UML models can be edited and stored in the cloud, the real-time collaboration is in the testing phase and will be soon available. After 3 years of research and development and a phd in progress*, GenMyModel is making software modeling more collaborative. The collaborative features will include version management and group management. It will allow teams to design their systems together and interact through the models.

With its new web-based experience, the collaboration and online code generators, the ambition of GenMyModel is to create the world’s largest modeling platform.

Try GenMyModel: UML Online Tool.

Beta version
A first beta version has been released in october 2012 with the basic features. The set of features is continuously extended and contains now:

– Class diagram. With easy drag&drop, dual view diagram/model with the Project Explorer, the panel property and much more. Very close to desktop standards.

– Use case diagram

– Java and SQL code generators

– Code push and round-trip to GitHub (a good video with Codenvy illustrates how to push/pull and edit the generated code)

– Image export: JPEG, SVG

– Documentation report as PDF

– Model export as XMI files (Ecore format, can be used in Eclipse/EMF)

– Web page for the description of public projects (ex: Online Shopping Cart made with GenMyModel)

Use case diagram in the cloud

UML cloud code generation



The feedback is very important to improve GenMyModel and until now, the community made most of the decisions. The insights from beta testers allow the team to make the right decisions, and more importantly, bring the beta testers into the development process. The next minor release is scheduled for August. The packaging and resizing will be provided.

Other features are still submitted to beta tester’s vote to set the priorities in the roadmap:

– new code generators
– code generator customization
– other diagrams: activity, sequence

The next significant milestone is planned for October 2013 with the real-time collaborative modeling. Experts can help the development team for the testing phase; a free access to the release candidate can be provided, please contact the team at:    team{at}


(1) Michel Dirix. Awareness in Computer-Supported Collaborative Modelling. Application to GenMyModel

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