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Thomas Legrand from Axellience presents today GenMyModel , a new web-based modeling tool (see other web-based modeling or drawing tools). Enter Thomas.

GenMyModel is a real online modeling tool with code generation features. Diagrams and models are associated as in desktop modelers. It is a beta version. The team collects the advices of beta testers to go forward:

The ambition of GenMyModel is to contribute to bring the advantages of cloud-computing to MDE.

Within GenMyModel, it’s possible to create models in your web browser, not only drawings. When using a real modeling tool models can be verified (conformance to a EMF/UML metamodel), exported and exploited in a MDE chain (see for a detailed comparison).

Naturally GenMyModel offers the possibility to exploit the models by generating code online. The current generators covers the range of artefacts usually present in web applications: persistent entities, repositories, controllers (…). The front-end artefacts, like JSP pages, are also generated to handle CRUD operations within a web-based user interface.


Beta version
A first beta version has been released in October with some basic features. This is a first step. Among those features :

– Class modeling. With easy drag&drop, dual view diagram/model with the Project Explorer, the panel property and much more. Very close to desktop standards.
– Model export as XMI files (Ecore format, can be handled in Eclipse/EMF) and SVG
– Java code generators. The targeted framework are Spring MVC and Spring Data Rest.


The feedback is instrumental in developing and improving GenMyModel. Insights from beta testers  allow the team to make the right decisions, and more importantly, bring the beta testers into the development process. The round-trip feature, relying using connections to Git repositories, will be possible at the end of October.

The next features are submitted to the beta tester’s vote to set the priorities in the roadmap :

– documentation generation
– collaborative modeling
– model sharing
– new code generators: Flex, Balsamiq, Ruby on Rails, Symfony
– code generator customization
– other diagrams: activity, sequence, use case

GenMyModel  looks for expert beta testers who can help the team to keep working on the good direction : “more models for better software”.


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