As part of SiriusCon (the online conference on graphical modeling), I talked about future trends in systems and software modeling. The video will be online soon but, in the meantime, you can browse through the slides below.

The talk was divided into two parts: current challenges and future trends. A very short index of the main ideas in each section comes next. As it was a short 30-min talk I couldn’t get into the details of each idea but in the description below I’ve added pointers that expand on that idea. As usual, if you want to get more info on my thoughts behind the provocative statements just ask.

The easiest way to increase the modeling ROI (return on investment) is to decrease the costs of using a modeling tool Click To Tweet

A core idea of the talk is that people will model once they see a clear return-on-investment (ROI) of making models explicit. We can increase the ROI by augmenting the benefits we get out of our models (e.g. with better code-generators) or by decreasing the cost of using modeling tools. I proposed a few ideas for this in the talk.

Current challenges in modeling and model-driven engineering

 Future Modeling trends


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