In her keynote talk at ECMFA’14 , Marsha Chechik talked about explicating and reasoning with model uncertainty which is a problem every single modeler faces when trying to model a domain.

As she says, “Model uncertainty can be introduced into the modeling process in many ways: alternative ways to model inconsistencies, different design alternatives, modeler’s knowledge about the problem domain, multiple stakeholder opinions, etc. Instead of waiting until uncertainty is resolved or forcing premature design decisions, we propose to defer the resolution of uncertainty for as long as necessary, while supporting a variety of transformation and reasoning operations that allow modelers to live with this uncertainty … Our speci fication of models with uncertainty implicitly encodes a set of alternative possible models, where we are not sure which is the correct one”

To know more about her ideas, you can read her extended abstract or (better), sit down and enjoy the slides she used in her talk:

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