Ericsson is organizing a new edition of its Modeling Days event in September 13-14 in Kista/Stockholm. If you’re wondering why Ericsson is organizing a modeling event, you should know that Ericsson is a key member of the PolarSys Eclipse Working group (“Open Solutions for Embedded Systems”) and heavily invests in the Papyrus modeling environment. This talk by Francis Bordeleau: Modeling in industry: open source is the only solution will give you more insights on this strategic decision by Ericsson.

The agenda of the event looks very interesting for all of us involved in the models community with keynotes by

  • Diarmuid Corcoran, Ericsson. Title: Reflections, Lessons Learned and Possible Future Directions of Model Driven Development within Ericsson
  • and yours truly. Jordi Cabot, SOM Research Lab (ICREA – UOC). Title: Wanna see your OSS project succeed? Nurture the community

plus 26 regular presentations (30 min each) – from 16 different organizations and 4 tutorials/workshops (90 min each). Download the complete details of all these presentations  here and the slides for all of them here. Mine is also on slideshare and below

If you’re interested in this topic, you may also read more details on my ideas in this short paper or in this (longer) research proposal.

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Want to build better software faster?

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