My vision of what and how to teach model-driven engineering has been now written down in our book: Model-driven Software Engineering in Practice. Take a look!

Invited by the Onekin group, last week I visited Donostia to give a talk on “Educating in Model-Driven Engineering” where I explained some personal opinions and lessons learnt after teaching software engineering and model-driven engineering in different environments (face-to-face and virtual), levels (grad and undergrad) and places.

Given that model-driven engineering (MDE) is changing the way software systems are developed, operated and evolved, the focus of the talk was to see how MDE should change also the way we teach Software Engineering, either as submodule in a general SE course or as a separate specialized course.

If you want to take a look at the slides they are included at the end of the post (though slides without the speaker are not always the best way to get the speaker’s message)

Those of you following the blog know that my interest in MDE education comes from my role as head of the first full master on MDE and my participation in this Leonardo da Vinci funded project . To see what other people are doing right now see this previous post .

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