Interesting new project in Kickstarter to fund EasyEclipse for Java that is summarized as “Streamlined Java IDE + Funding model for the Eclipse open-source ecosystem”

This motto gives you already a hint about the twofold goal of the project:

Improve the Eclipse IDE for Java

In particular its integration with these technologies: Java (with support for Java 8), Maven, Ant, Git, SVN, CVS, XML, HTML, CSS together with the development of the following functionalities (from the project page):

  • Guided installation wizard – to make it easy for you to create your ideal IDE. No need for additional connectors or update sites.
  • Launcher bar – to provide a consistent and quick way to access the most frequently used views.
  • Global search – a one-stop-shop for all searching activity.
  • Minimalistic toolbar
  • Cleaned-up menus – The contextual menus will be sanitized .
  • Additional Code templates and preferences (e.g. for JUnit, Mockito, reading / writing files, etc.) so you can save the boilerplate and focus on your code.
  • Tips and tricks
  • Feedback plug-in -a plug-in that makes it easy to send feedback and error logs.

Contribute to the core Eclipse open-source components

EasyEclipse is NOT going to be free (nor open source) but they commit to devote some of the money earned from EasyEclipse licenses to pay EasyEclipse personnel or OSS committers to improve open source components.

According to this reddit discussion this is an option blessed by at least some of the people behind the Eclipse Foundation as a way to get additional funding to improve core Eclipse IDE components.


And all this for “only” an initial funding of 120.000 CAD

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