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Alf – The Standard Programming Language for UML (slideshare)

Slideshare presentation giving a complete overview of the Alf (Executable UML standard) language syntax

UML: Once more with meaning (presentation by Ed Seidewitz on Executable UML)

Ed Seidewitz, THE driving force behind the new Executable UML standards (see also our Executable UML

Over 40.000 views for the OCL tutorial slides

Slides and full chapter for our introductory tutorial to the OCL language, now with more than 10.000 views on slideshare

Short videos showing the power of model-driven engineering (request)

Not long ago, and with your help, I collected some of the best MDE presentations to

The Dresden OCL debugger

Yesterday in the OCL Workshop I saw the presentation of the paper: Tool-Supported Step-By-Step Debugging for

Inferring the implicit schema of a set of JSON documents (slides)

The slides of our paper “Discovering Implicit Schemas in JSON Data. ICWE conference” (short intro and

RR: Should we resurrect Software Engineering? by Jean Bézivin

Always very interesting to listen Jean talking about software engineering and role of MDE in it

Extracting business rules out of Java – An MDE approach

Valerio Cosentino presented in the RuleML Symposium held in conjunction with ECAI 2012 (20th biennial European

MDE 2.0.: pragmatic model verification and other stories – Habilitation public lecture

I got my habilitation this week. Since some people have asked me for a copy of

Eclipse DemoCamp Nantes (slides – English / video – French)

Last Thursday, AtlanMod and Obeo co-organized an Eclipse DemoCamp in Nantes. We briefly presented our technologies:

UML to control robots playing sumo

Who said UML was useless? Check this video showing to control two Lego Mindstorms robots via

Some wisdom pearls from B. Selic on modeling / UML at SFM12

I had the chance to listen to Bran Selic giving the opening lecture at the SFM´12

Real World DSLs – Get Introduced to Domain Specific Languages (presentation)

Another great presentation I’ve recently discovered. Mario Fusco introduces the concept of Domain-Specific Language (DSL), describes

Towards a General Composition Semantics for Rule-Based Model Transformation

As model transformations have become an integral part of the automated software engineering lifecycle, reuse, modularisation,

Lessons Learned in Building a MDD Platform for Mobile Solutions – Upcoming talk

In the next edition of our cycle of conferences Jeudi des Modèles (24/11/2011), Dr. Jean-Jacques Dubray

Presentation: Introduction to Modeling, Modeling in Eclipse and Model-Driven Reverse Engineering

I thought that some of you may find useful the presentation we used this week to

Profiles for any kind of models (and not only UML) – Slides available

Some time ago I talked to you about our work on creating a profile mechanism for

Does software modeling pay? – Empirical studies in UML (presentation)

The announcement OF Michel Chaudron's talk at the Jeudi des Modèles conference series: Modeling effectively - insights from empirical studies raised some interesting discussions .

Modeling effectively : insights from empirical studies – Upcoming talk

Probably this title of this talk should be “the proof you all been waiting for”! Next

YouTube videos showing the definition of a UML class diagram for a library

The well-known modeling expert (AND book writer) Michael Blaha has just posted a series OF youtube videos FOR beginners showing the development OF a UML class diagram FOR a library DOMAIN. What I LIKE about the videos IS that he starts WITH a very basic model that keeps refining AND changing until reaching the final result, following MORE OR less the same process that we would follow IN practice. Again, very illustrative FOR beginners. The FIRST video IN the sequence IS the following: