Quite a few of you know this already and attentive readers will have already noticed that I was recently inviting people to join me as a phd or postdoc researcher in Barcelona.

So, just to clarify, let me make official that I´ll be leaving the École des Mines de Nantes and Inria by the end of April and starting a new phase in my professional life as an ICREA (Catalan Institution for Research and Advanced Studies) Research Professor. ICREA’s aim is “to recruit top scientists for the Catalan R&D system, scientists capable of leading new research groups, strengthening existing groups, and setting up new lines of research” targeting most of the time foreign researchers (by “foreign” they mean people that have been working abroad for a few years).

These researchers are then “borrowed” by Catalan universities to give a push to their research results. Myself I’ll be working at the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (IN3) from the Open University of Catalonia.

After five years in Nantes leading the AtlanMod team (time flies!, it seems yesterday that I was writing this post announcing my move from Toronto to Nantes), with IMHO quite good results: over 100 publications, 3M of team funding, 19 people hired, and more importantly two beautiful daughters (let me clarify this later achievement was not an AtlanMod team effort 🙂 ), I believe it was the right time for a change.

I’m very excited to have the opportunity to lead a new research team in Barcelona and do so with complete freedom to rethink what (and how) work on to make sure Software Engineering research (including but not limited to its MDE version) is most useful to society.

But since research is a collaborative activity, I hope this is also an opportunity to continue and reinforce our collaboration. And you don’t even need to do it for the pleasures of working with me, do it to have an excuse to visit Barcelona! And for sure, if you enjoy this site, be sure that I’ll continue (in fact, if anything, it will gain even more protagonism!).

And after this personal announcement, we continue now with our regular programming!

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