This week we had the kick-off of the AutoMobile project, an European project (7th Framework Programme, Research For SMEs call) aimed at (from the project web page)

“designing and bringing to the market innovative methodologies, software tools, and vertical applications for the cost-effective implementation of cross-platform, multi-device mobile applications, i.e. business applications that can be accessed by users on a variety of devices and operating systems, including PC, cellular / smart phones and tablets.

Cross-platform and multi-device design, implementation and deployment is a barrier for today’s IT solution providers, especially SME providers, due to the high cost and technical complexity of targeting development to a wide spectrum of devices, which differ in format, interaction paradigm, and software architecture.

AutoMobile will exploit the modern paradigm of Model-Driven Engineering and code generation to dramatically simplify multi-device development, reducing substantially cost and development times, so as to increase the profit of SME solution providers and at the same time reduce the price and total cost of ownership for end-customers.

AutoMobile will rely on modeling languages such as IFML (Interaction Flow Modeling Languages) and on tools like WebRatio.”

MDD of mobile apps

We’re very excited about this project (well, at least I am 🙂 ) and I think there are some interesting MDE/modeling research challenges to solve. One of the key ones we are facing just now is how to combine in one single modeling language the platform-independent and platform-specific (or even better, device-specific) modeling elements we can use when specifying mobile applications. We’ll keep you posted!

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