Continuing with our long-time interest in the Executable UML standards (e.g. see this recent post), today I would like to bring your attention to this talk “Alf – The Standard Programming Language for UML (slideshare)” by Jürgen Mutschall part of the Code Generation 2014 conference.

Why do I highlight this presentation? Well, if you want to know how Alf looks like and don’t have the time to read the specification, this talk is for you because it gives a complete overview of the Alf syntax.

Btw, Jürgen works at (owns?) MetaModules. In their own words, “MetaModules is a framework for model driven software development. It covers all aspects of a complete model engineering workbench, from visual and textual editors, over code generators for model transformation, JEE persistence, web services to scalable model-management. It is fully-integrated into the Eclipse IDE.”.

Sounds interesting (even in the presentation above, he says they have an Alf plugin as part of their MetaModules integration with Eclipse) thought right now, I would classify their website as “under construction” so it’s not easy to get a better view of what they really provide but seems worth to keep an eye on.

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