Today I’ve given a talk at the Agile Tour Nantes where I explore the relationships between software modeling and agile practices. For many agilists, the perception is that modeling is a useless activity that should not be part of the core agile practices. But, is this really the case? Can both cross-fertilize each other?

More specifically, I explore the three following topics:

  • Modeling in agile. Can agile benefit from modeling? How to integrate modeling in an agile process?
  • Agile in modeling. Can modeling benefit FROM agile? Can we apply agile principles when designing new modeling languages, model transformations,… If we have eXtreme Programming, I propose to have eXtreme Modeling (if XP is good, XM should be good as well!)
  • Modeling the agile. Can modeling help companies understand the human AND social aspects/requirements of agile methods and improve their chances of success when adopting them?

The first item is based on the work by Scott Ambler on Agile Modeling (you can also see his recent presentation on the topic). The second one is a collection of ideas from our to-do list for future research. The third item is based on a previous work that we commented here .

I hope you enjoy the presentation. Of course, if you are interested in collaborating in any of those items or just want more information on them (in the end, a slideshow cannot replace a life explanation) please contact me.

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Want to build better software faster?

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