Over 65.000 views for the OCL tutorial slides

OCL tutorial

Who said people didn’t like the Object Constraint Language (OCL)? Our OCL tutorial (I wrote it together with Martin Gogolla) has just passed the 65.000 views mark on slideshare.

In case you’re not one of those 65.000, you can correct your mistake by doing it now below. Or, if you prefer, you can also read the full introductory chapter we wrote: “Object Constraint Language (OCL): A definitive guide”

While the slides are from 2012 (which explains all the mentions to my former AtlanMod team), 99% of what it says is still valid nowadays since the core of the language has not really evolved in all these years.

(and yes, I’m fully aware that this does not mean people actually like the OCL, they may be just interested in it or, even worse, forced to be interested in it, but just let me daydream for a while ok?)

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