Short introduction to the MoDisco Model-Driven Software Modernization Framework

We have already mentioned ( here and here ) our MoDisco project (in short an extensible framework to develop model-driven reverse engineering tools to support software modernization). MoDisco is a joint effort between our AtlanMod research team and MIA Software .

For those interested in knowing more about MoDisco, we have now written a short two-page description of the framework (this paper will be presented in the upcoming ASE 2010 Tool demonstrations track). Enjoy! (and of course, contact us if you need more information, you want to use MoDisco in your own projects and/or you want to collaborate with us).

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9 Responses to Short introduction to the MoDisco Model-Driven Software Modernization Framework

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  3. sale says:

    can anybody shed SOME light how TO draw UML model e.g. sequence diagram FROM the .uml MoDisco file?

  4. jordi says:

    Right now the predefined Modisco implemetnation only generates a Class Diagram using the following transformation chain: Java (or potentially something else) -> KDM -> UML
    This chain currently focuses on the structure of the application, and not on its behavior (e.g. method calls).
    However, as the initial Java model created from the source code is complete (i.e. the model does not only contain the structure of the code but all the implemented behaviour), it would be feasible to build a sequence diagram generator out of it.

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