Doing the work for you

Model a little, generate a lot and save plenty of time and money!

Our online code-generation services (now free!!) allow you to model the most important aspects of your target domain in a simple UML class diagram (no profiles, annotations or extensions required) and automatically generate a full-fledged CRUD (create/read/update/delete) web application from it. Use the generated app in production, as a prototype or simply to test and compare different implementation technologies.

We are different from other approaches to model-driven development. The code-generation services follow our common-sense driven development philosophy to minimize the modeling effort you need to put in in order to maximize the number of lines of code you get in return. Our research has shown that for many applications follow what we call the Pareto principle applied to MDD : 20% of the modeling effort suffices to generate at least 80% of the application code .

We believe this is the key to achieve huge productivity improvements in your development projects. The “developer common-sense” embedded in the services is able to extract all the implicit information contained in simple and quick-to-draw class diagrams to let you focus on the complex business logic aspects of the application instead of wasting your time in implementing and testing all tedious aspects of the application development that can be deduced and generated from the class diagram.

You choose the UML modeling tool and the target platform . We take care of the rest. Say YES to effective modeling!!. Care to give it a try?

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