Recommended Modeling and Software Engineering Blogs

These are some of the other blogs you should not miss! Some blogs are more focused on modeling issues while others are more generic and deal with several aspects of the software engineering discipline.

  • Martin Fowler’s bliki: Martin’s ideas on software development. No need to say anything else, right?
  • Scott Ambler’s thoughts:  I’ve been following Scott’s articles for many years and I definetely recommend them. SOME OF the topics he covers are agile modeling, software architecture, refactorings and patterns and development.
  • The third BIT: Practical software engineering by somebody that has been IN the software trenches AND survived TO explain his story TO the computer science students AT the University OF Toronto. CHECK also his related software carpentry blog
  • 37 signals: Learn from the guys that have created software products AS succesful AS BaseCamp. They openly share ALL they have learned during the process.
  • The business of software: are you a one-man band planning to start your own software company? Then, this is your blog. This blog is part of the also strongly recommended Joel ON Software site.
  • TechCrunch: Weblog dedicated to profile new Internet products and companies
  • Serendipity: or what software engineers can do to stop climate change. It doesn’t really matter whether you believe or not in the climate change challenge, it is always interesting to see how software engineering techniques can be applied on a complex domain.
  • Grady Booch blog : Focused on Software Architecture
  • The Enterprise Architect : Occasional but very interesting thoughts on Model-driven development, SOA and related topics.
  • The Metalevel : a practitioner’s view on mdd, code-generation and DSLs
  • Markus Völter blog : blog of  one of  the most well-known independent researcher, consultant and  coach on  MDE topics
  • Richard Soley’s blog (Chairman and CEO of the OMG): perfect to know what’s going ON inside the OMG
  • Models everywhere : Jean Bézivin’s blog on software modeling
  • IT Modernization: Vincent Hanniet’s blog on MDE and software modernization
  • It will never work in theory. Software development relevant in practice. This blog brings the latest results in empirical studies of software engineering

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  1. Thanks for the list of blogs!

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