List of Executable UML tools

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It looks like Executable UML is getting increasingly popular (again) maybe because the new Executable UML standards (fuml and Alf) we have now available. Executable UML aims at defining UML models with a behavioral specification precise enough to be effectively executed. In its purest state, Executable UML eliminates the need of programming the software system.

I’m basing my opinion on the common question I’ve been asked more and more during the last months: which tools out there provide support for Executable UML? In fact, I don’t have a clear idea myself but I though I could just try to write down what I know and then hope that you, my dear readers, will help me to complete/update the list (thanks Ed for doubling the length of the lists with your suggestions!) . So, here we go (in no particular order). For each tool we provide the name and URL, whether the tool is free, commercial or whatever and if the tool supports the recent Executable UML standards or its own kind of executable UML.

Name License Standard? Comments
fUML Ref. Implementation Open source Yes Reference implementation that can assist in evaluating vendor implementations conformance with the specification.
Cameo Simulation Toolkit Commercial Yes Model execution framework based on OMG fUML and W3C SCXML standards. Offered as an extension of MagicDraw
LieberLieber AM|USE 2.0 Commercial Yes Offers both state machine and activity model execution. Integrated in Sparx Enterprise Architect
e-Alf Apache License 2.0 Yes Eclipse Implementation of Action Language for Foundational UML using: Eclipse UML2 xtext Acceleo ATL. No activity in the last months
Papyrus UML EPL Yes Moka is a Papyrus module for execution of UML models, which natively includes an execution engine complying with fUML. More info here
IBM Rational Software Architect Simulation Toolkit Commercial No Offers state machine, interaction model and activity model execution through automatic generation of Java code. They plan to move their action language to Alf conformance
Pópulo LPGLv3 Yes Pópulo is an extensible UML model debugger, which interprets the UML action language (not clear whether Alf or the one in previous UML versions) and that can be customised for executing profiled (i.e. extended) UML models
Cloudfier Free trial No Rapid Application Development from textual UML models (see TextUML) including static and dynamic (action-based) specifications
Cassandra Free No (No Alf but support for UML Action Semantics) It supports almost complete OCL and UML Action Semantics, and more: simulation of use case models, GUI modelling, behaviour inheritance, temporal operations, rule sets as well as persistence and (nested) transactions
EM/OS Enterprise Model Operation Services Commercial, partly Open Source No Fully operational business applications, all tiers (Java) created from single, annotated, UML based model; Standard compliance desired, currently difficult due to abstraction level differences
Matrix Free trial No Abstract modeling language and Model Compiler featuring full automatic code generation and interactive Simulator. See also this intro
miUML LPGL3 license No Open executable UML metamodel and API hub around which a combination of free and proprietary development tools may be contributed
Mentor Graphics Bridgepoint Commercial No This was the tool that Shlear and Mellor’s company Project Technology was using when the company was bought by Mentor Graphics.
Abstract Solutions xUML Commercial No Abstract Solutions is a new incarnation of the company previously known as Kennedy-Carter.
Pathfinder Solutions PathMATE Commercial No PathMATE transforms (executable) platform independent models to “efficient, high-performance” code.
Lohr GNU Lesser GPL No A high level programming and modeling language for creating executable models of software systems
QM freeware No Lightweight UML modeling tool for designing and implementing real-time embedded applications based on the QP state machine frameworks. Generates compact and efficient C or C++ code suitable for single-chip microcontrollers. Extended notation for internal state transitions
IBM Rational Rhapsody Commercial No Offers state machine and activity diagram execution in UML and SysML models through automatic generation of Java/C++/C/C#/Add code.
Sinelabore Commercial No Command line tool for code-generation from UML state machines, especially targeting resource limited embedded real-time and high-availability systems. It has simulation, tracing and test-case generation capabilities.
TOPCASED Model Simulation EPL No It allows to animate graphically State machine and Activity diagrams, including OCL, Class diagrams and Object creation.
UML Almighty Open source No UML tool capable of execute behavior and generate a Web prototype to execute that behavior.

Check our UML tools web page for more info on UML tools

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