Launching the UML to PHP online generation service

I´m very happy to announce that the first version of the MOLA::UMLtoPHP service is now available.

Following our philosphy of maximizing the amount of code generated while minimizing the modeling effort, the input of the process is a simple UML class diagram (without any kind of annotations or profiles).

Given a UML class diagram, this first version of the service generates a doctrine (database abstraction layer used by most PHP frameworks) schema file that can be passed on to, for instance, the Symfony PHP framework to automatically generate all the CRUD (Create/Read/Update/Delete) code for the application. Several experiments have shown that the CRUD code accounts for at least 80% of the application code (this is what we call the pareto principle applied to MDD ) so the benefits of generating all this amount of code from a simple model are clear (I hope!).

For instance, using the following UML model as input


the service will generate this Doctrine YAML script (results may vary depending on the configuration options chosen during the generation process) that can then be passed on to the symfony php framework to generate the full CRUD application with all the web pages needed to show and manipulate the application data.

The generated application includes all the functionalities that users would expect (as ordering and filtering options, dropdown boxes for relationship fields, adequate UI controls depending on the field type,…).

During the testing phase of the service you can use the professional version of the service for free. Enjoy the service and give us your feedback!!!

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