Latest blow to Microsoft´s modeling strategy: Doug Purdy moving to Facebook

The announcement is quickly spreading: Doug Purdy is leaving Microsoft and moving to Facebook to “improve Facebook’s relationship with the community, including addressing bugs, improving responsiveness and other points of developer support”

This is just the latest step in the (downhill) Microsoft MDD strategy. First, Oslo (in short, Microsoft main initiative for model-driven development consisting in the M modeling language + the Quadrant modeling environment + a model repository) development team was merged with another Microsoft team .

Then, Oslo itself was renamed SQL Server Modeling , something that the communty interpreted as Oslo being demoted to become an environment for designing and managing SQL Server databases.

Later, Microsoft dropped Quadrant and now, finally, Doug Purdy (one of the key people behind Microsoft MDD strategy) leaves Microsoft.

While this may not be Microsoft´s fault (the reasons behind this departure have not been yet explained), this may be the last (and final, at least for a while) blow to Microsoft´s efforts on MDD.

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4 Responses to Latest blow to Microsoft´s modeling strategy: Doug Purdy moving to Facebook

  1. jordi says:

    As Jorge Ubeda points out, Doug left Microsoft in September but until today myself (and many other people) did not learn about this change

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Jordi,
    Below follows what Doug said the day after he resigned:

    Yesterday was my last day at Microsoft.

    I have been at Microsoft (with a brief interruption at a dotcom) since 1998, with the last 8+ years focused on developer frameworks, tools and languages (.NET Framework, Visual Studio, “Oslo”, SQL Server/Azure, etc.)

    We built some amazing products that (mostly) positively impacted our customers, many of whom I had the privilege of interacting with over the years.

    I learned a great deal and developed some life-long relationships in the process.

    Nevertheless, everything ends…

    Today is my first day at Facebook.

    During my conversations with the leadership there, it was clear that Facebook is committed to becoming an essential platform for developers, helping them to be successful through open source tools, frameworks and, of course, Web APIs.

    Further, the Facebook vision around the Graph API and Open Graph Protocol (which debuted at f8 this spring) is the closest thing to what I call the “Infobus” I have yet seen; convincing me that Facebook was one of the most leveraged places for me.

    While I am sad to be leaving Microsoft (which is an incredible company filled with the most talented people that I have worked with to date) my excitement at the opportunity ahead with Facebook is palpable.

    Everything begins again…

    (dated set 7, 2010)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sorry for the omission…The previous note on Doug was posted by me…
    Jorge Ubeda

  4. when compared to others sql server is nice.

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