JSON Schema discoverer: new online service

Our research work about the discovery of an implicit schema from JSON documents was presented in this blog some months ago. We release today the web version of the tool, which will allow you to play with our JSON discoverer using a web interface.

The web site is located in http://atlanmod.github.io/json-discoverer, where you have access to the discoverer. The web site allows you to use the discoverer in two modes:

  • Simple mode. The simple JSON discoverer generates a graphical representation of the implicit schema and data of a single JSON document. The schema information is represented as a (UML) class diagram while the data information is depicted by means of an object diagram (conforming to the previous class diagram),
  • Advanced mode. The advanced JSON discoverer infers and visualizes the implicit schema shared by a set of JSON documents. As shown in the figure, the process works by analyzing the commonalities of JSON definitions coming from the same or different sources. In the latter, the discoverer infers links between the subschema of each source.

json schema discoverer

As always your feedback and comments are much appreciated. We hope you find this tool useful but whether you do it or not, your opinion is the only way we have to improve it. Feel free also to fork the tool (source code available in github).

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10 Responses to JSON Schema discoverer: new online service

  1. Adil says:

    Nice, but it would be better if we can give it an URL instead of pasting the JSON.

  2. pierre gauthier says:


    Copy/Paste your JSON here (or use a predefined example) IN THE SIMPLE DISCOVERER


    • modelinglang says:

      Love the fact that you’re so interested in our tool that have to yell your desperation for not being able to use it :-)

      I guess it´s just a matter of the service that the website calls being down at the moment. Thanks for the heads up. We´ll check it out.

    • Hi Pierre,

      the service was offline from April 17th 19:00 UTC to April 23rd 15:10 UTC due to problems in the server providing the service.

      We fixed the problem and it is currently working normally.

      Sorry for the inconvenience.


  3. Loïc says:

    On Firefox, forbidden (403) POST to http://atlanmodexp.info.emn.fr:8800/jsonDiscoverer/discoverMetamodel !
    Same for injectModel.


    • Hi Loïc,

      thanks for the update!

      I could only do a quick check on Chrome. I’ll see what is happening on Firefox.


    • Hi again,

      it seems that the problem was in the CORS configuration (what a hell!)

      I’ve tried with Chrome/Firefox (no support for IE yet) and it seems to work fine now.

      If you find any problem, just let us know.


  4. Loïc says:

    Thanks, I can try it now.


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