Comparing the effect of Dzone, stumbleupon, digg, reddit and delicious in the portal

More than a post, today I´m writing a meta-post that as all the other meta-posts talks about the development of the portal itself.

In this case I thought somebody could be interested in seeing some stats on the portal visitors. More specifically, this post focuses on showing some data about the real impact of appearing in popular social network sites like dzone, reddit, stumbleupon, digg or delicious.

We have already discussed that the mid/long-term impact of being referred by one of these sites is low (and the monetary impact practically non-existent).

Nevertheless, given the high percentage of visitors that come from referring sites (see graphic below), I thought it was worth to see if any of them was clearly better than the others in terms of number of visitors, number of pages per visit and so on.

The first relevant thing is that, at least for my portal, Dzone is the best source of visitors by far. For whatever reason, I’ve never been able to interest reddit users (the feeling IS that reddit voters ARE MORE programming extremists than people in Dzone who are more receptive to at least consider modeling AS an alternative/complementary development technique). The second thing to comment is my complete disappointment with delicious. Many of my posts have been tagged in delicious and this one has been tagged a record number of 24 times and yet the number of visitors coming from delicious is ridiculous. A single post IN Dzone with more than 5 votes can bring around 300-400 visitors. A post tagged 24 times in delicious attracts less than 50. I’ve never really used Digg so I’ve no comments on that.

Dzone IS also better wrt the average time on the portal. Instead, StumbleUpon is clearly the worst in this aspect. Even if StumbleUpon may bring you a lot of people in a very very short period of time (and most of them new visitors), StumbleUpon audience is too broad and as a consequence many of the visitors are not really interested by the portal contents and leave immediately. The other parameters are more or less constant among the different sites.

In short, the conclusion is that, right now, Dzone gives me the best results by far when publicizing new contents for the portal. What’s your experience??

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5 Responses to Comparing the effect of Dzone, stumbleupon, digg, reddit and delicious in the portal

  1. rafael says:

    SOME ideas:

    - DZone’s audience is made exclusively of developers, so your posts are relevant to a much higher percentage of their readers

    - number of submissions on DZone has got to be significantly lower than those more popular, general purpose sites, so you have less competition when someone performs a search on DZone

    - because there are less submissions, time of exposure as a featured article on DZone should be higher than those other sites

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been HAVING good results WHEN answering questions ON StackOverflow WHEN ABSE AND AtomWeaver IS relevant TO qthe question made. A link ON an answer brings small but long-term flow OF visits.

    But beware, StackOverflow people ARE very vigilant about “too-much-promotional” answers. I’ve lost many credits on that…

  3. jordi says:

    Stack Overflow is also a good source of visitors for the portal (I didn´t include it the original comparison because I was just focusing on the typical social network sites that everybody thinks about).

    So, to complement the stats my Stack Overflow numbers:

    • Number of visits: 1.206
    • Pages per visit: 1,63
    • Average time: 00:04:05
    • New visits: 82,09%
    • Bounce rate: 57,79%

    I´m very careful about not promoting the site/services unless it is a real contribution to the question (at least in my opinion) so, so far, no points lost in my reputation score :-)

  4. jordi says:

    Reddit is organized in categories and, most likely, most users only follow a specific category. So in this sense, the readers profile should not be than different from those in Dzone (but still I don´t get the same results in both so there is indeed some kind of difference)

  5. [...] real impact of these services is limited (in the sense that many of the visitors do not return, see Comparing the effect of Dzone, stumbleupon, digg, reddit and delicious in the portal ), it´s still much better than [...]

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