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One (virtual) model repository to rule them all

My proposal of a virtual federation of existing model repositories as the best way to finally have a useful set of modeling artefacts for the research community

Measuring Openness in Open Source Projects

Openness level of an open source project can influence the enthusiasm of new developers to join a project. See three metrics to calculate the openness of OSS projects

GiLA: Analyzing the use of issue labels in GitHub projects

What can issue labels teach you about your project? Three simple yet powerful visualizations to better understand WHO is doing WHAT

The OCL repository

Check (and contribute to) the OCL repository in GitHub

JSDB.io – A catalogue of the best JavaScript libraries, plugins and frameworks

Complete database of clientside JavaScript libraries with interesting stats and information for each of them

Composing JSON-based Web APIs

We keep on working on our research work about the discovery of implicit schemas from JSON

Interaction Flow Modeling Language (IFML) – Quick reference card

As we have already explained before, IFML (Interaction Flow Modeling Language) is a very recent OMG

Who wants to help us build EMF-REST (Restful APIs for models)?

Most research prototypes die just after the paper that justified its creation is published. We don’t

JointJS: JavaScript diagramming toolkit

Guest post by David Durman on JointJS, a JavaScript Diagramming tool (if interested in the topic

JSON Schema discoverer: new online service

Our research work about the discovery of an implicit schema from JSON documents was presented in