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Composing JSON-based Web APIs


We keep on working on our research work about the discovery of implicit schemas from JSON documents. Some months ago we presented the release of the webpage allowig you to play with the tool. We would like to give you an update about our advances. This time we have focused on how our tool can help

Interaction Flow Modeling Language (IFML) – Quick reference card


As we have already explained before, IFML (Interaction Flow Modeling Language) is a very recent OMG standard aimed at modeling the user interaction with your application. Now, WebRatio (main promoter of the language) has created a quick reference card to make it easier for you to remember the notation when modeling IFML applications with one

Who wants to help us build EMF-REST (Restful APIs for models)?


Most research prototypes die just after the paper that justified its creation is published. We don’t want this to happen to EMF-Rest (see a small intro). EMF-REST generates truly RESTful APIs for your EMF model + a JavaScript library to manipulate themClick To TweetPowered By CoSchedule In this case, situation is even worse since we

JointJS: JavaScript diagramming toolkit

JointJs online modeling

Guest post by David Durman on JointJS, a JavaScript Diagramming tool (if interested in the topic of online modelnig tools, don’t forget to check our list of tools). Enter David JointJS is a complete toolkit for building fully interactive diagramming and modeling applications that run in modern browsers. JointJS core library is open source. A

JSON Schema discoverer: new online service

json schema discoverer

Our research work about the discovery of an implicit schema from JSON documents was presented in this blog some months ago. We release today the web version of the tool, which will allow you to play with our JSON discoverer using a web interface. The web site is located in, where you have access

EMF-REST: Generate a RESTful API and JavaScript library from your models


We are happy to announce the launch of EMF-REST. EMF-REST generates Truly RESTful APIs for your EMF models. EMF-REST complements the existing (Java-based) API generation facilities EMF already provides and extends them to the Web. EMF-REST is licensed under the Eclipse Public License with the source code available on Github. You can directly install EMF-REST

Access-control security metamodel for content management systems


Apart from this JSON paper in the main ICWE conference, AtlanMod is presenting the paper Towards an Access-Control Metamodel for Web Content Management Systems in the MDWE workshop. Following our of our previous works on extracting security policies from deployed components (see extraction of network access-control policies and Reverse engineering of database security policies) here

Inferring the implicit schema of a set of JSON documents (slides)

The slides of our paper “Discovering Implicit Schemas in JSON Data. ICWE conference” (short intro and full paper available here) are now available. Enjoy! Discovering Implicit Schemas in JSON Data from Javier Canovas

Discovering an implicit schema in JSON documents


Javier  presenting our recent work (Javier Luis Cánovas Izquierdo and Jordi Cabot. Discovering Implicit Schemas in JSON Data. ICWE conference, to appear. 2013. ) on the automatic discovery the implicit schema of a set of related JSON documents. Enter Javier: The extensively use of asynchronous-based web technologies promoted by the so-called Web 2.0 is becoming mainstream due to their

Standardization of Data Interchange with MDE


Fabian Büttner talks about his work on “Model-driven Standardization of Public Authority Data Interchange” (to appear in the Science of Computer Programming journal, there is a (free) link to the full paper at the end). Enter Fabian. Standardization is often hard, and standardizing web service interfaces is no exception. In an e-government context of de-centralized

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