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The OCL repository

Check (and contribute to) the OCL repository in GitHub

JSDB.io – A catalogue of the best JavaScript libraries, plugins and frameworks

Complete database of clientside JavaScript libraries with interesting stats and information for each of them

Composing JSON-based Web APIs

We keep on working on our research work about the discovery of implicit schemas from JSON

Interaction Flow Modeling Language (IFML) – Quick reference card

As we have already explained before, IFML (Interaction Flow Modeling Language) is a very recent OMG

Who wants to help us build EMF-REST (Restful APIs for models)?

Most research prototypes die just after the paper that justified its creation is published. We don’t

JointJS: JavaScript diagramming toolkit

Guest post by David Durman on JointJS, a JavaScript Diagramming tool (if interested in the topic

JSON Schema discoverer: new online service

Our research work about the discovery of an implicit schema from JSON documents was presented in

EMF-REST: Generate a RESTful API and JavaScript library from your models

We are happy to announce the launch of EMF-REST. EMF-REST generates Truly RESTful APIs for your

Access-control security metamodel for content management systems

Apart from this JSON paper in the main ICWE conference, AtlanMod is presenting the paper Towards

Inferring the implicit schema of a set of JSON documents (slides)

The slides of our paper “Discovering Implicit Schemas in JSON Data. ICWE conference” (short intro and