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fREX: fUML-based Reverse Engineering of Executable Behavior for Software Dynamic Analysis (+slides)

fREX is an open framework for reverse engineering of executable behaviors from existing software code bases (currently Java is supported) using fUML as a pivot language

Programming & Modeling news (January 2016 edition)

Some links to tools/posts/news I've found interesting these past few days, including why I don't like MVCs, a free database book and more

Software Modernization Revisited: Challenges and Prospects

Interested in software modernization? (specially on migration legacy software to the cloud using model-based techniques). Read our lessons learnt as part of the Artist European project

ARTIST (legacy software to the cloud) Open source release v.2

31 open source tools to support software developers in migration projects of non-cloud complaint code towards the cloud.

Meet us at SANER’15 to talk about bus factors and label analysis for your OSS projects

We'll be attending the 22nd Conf on Software Analysis, Evolution, and Reengineering to talk about our recent works on the analysis of open source software

Open source package for cloud modernization projects from the ARTIST project

Toolbox with all you need to migrate your legacy software to a cloud environment, including tools for model discovery and understanding, for feasibility analysis, for code-generation,...

Modernizing your software (Artist project video)

Using model-driven techniques Artist facilitates the modernization of your existing non-cloud software assets and your business model to the cloud

Using ATL and MoDisco to solve the import/export of medical data (by Dennis Wagelaar)

Dennis Wagelaar (a committer for the Eclipse ATL project, among many other things) has just published

MoDisco: A MDRE framework (finally, a full paper on MoDisco!)

Read a complete description of the MoDisco model-driven reverse engineering framework

Migration of legacy software to the cloud – ARTIST project progress report

The ARTIST European project is applying cutting-edge model-driven engineering techniques to the problem of modernizing legacy

UML models for popular Java libraries and projects

Very interesting initiative from Modelio : a new website,, showcasing UML models derived from popular

Understanding firewall configurations: a vendor-independent access-control security model

Firewalls are a key element in network security. They are in charge of filtering the traffic

From COBOL to Models: an MDE framework to extract business logic out of legacy COBOL systems

Continuing with our reverse engineering research line, today we present our work on the extraction of

From SQL to OCL – Extracting constraints and derivation rules from relational DBs

Valerio Cosentino and Salvador Martinez presented in the International Workshop on OCL, Model Constraint and Query

Access-control security metamodel for content management systems

Apart from this JSON paper in the main ICWE conference, AtlanMod is presenting the paper Towards

ARTIST EU IP Project: Rejuvenate legacy applications

AtlanMod is a partner in the new european project ARTIST . To know what the project

MIGRARIA – From legacy systems to Rich Internet Applications (RIAs)

In today’s guest post, Roberto Rodriguez-Echeverria, Víctor M. Pavón and Fernando Sánchez-Figueroa introduce the MIGRARIA project.

On the automation of the horse-shoe model for software modernization

Software modernization processes usually follow the well-known horse-shoe model [1], which provides a framework to integrate

SoTeSoLa 2012 Hackathon on Re-engineering: a model-based solution using MoDisco, ATL, Acceleo and Xtext

Jean-Sébastien Sottet (Public Research Centre Henri Tudor, Luxemburg) and Hugo Bruneliere (AtlanMod Team – Inria, Ecole

PyNSource – Python UML tool – 1.6 released

A new version of PyNSource , a reverse engineering tool for Python source code (see others)