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Model Interchange Test Case Results Available

My dream: “Model once open everywhere” seems now a little bit closer. The Model Interchange Working

SDMetrics – Software Design Metrics tool for the UML

Today, in a guest post, Juergen Wuest presents us his tool SDMetrics . Read his post to know more about this excellent software design metrics tool for UML! SDMetrics is a software design quality measurement tool for the UML. It measures structural design properties such as coupling, size, and complexity of UML models. SDMetrics also checks design rules to automatically detect incomplete or incorrect design, and adherence to style guidelines such as circular dependencies or naming conventions. Design quality measurement

Language-dependent Visio XMI export

I'm starting to hate the Visio to XMI export option , in particular, the fact that the generated XMI file changes depending on the language configuration in Visio. The exact same UML model generates a different XMI file when using a Spanish version of Visio than when using a French version.

and now the services with support for Microsoft Visio 2003 XMI import

The new versions OF the XMI Transformation service AND the UML TO SQL code-generation service now accept Microsoft Visio 2003 models (apart FROM Microsoft Visio 2007 models). CHECK the info ON how TO GET the XMI model CORRESPONDING TO a UML visio model

Model once open anywhere – Definitely not true (an example)

I think many of us would agree that the (practically inexistent) interoperatibility among current UML tools

Share your UML diagrams online with yUML and the XM2XMI service

yUML IS an online service that allows you TO share UML diagrams IN your blogs, wikis, forums, bug-trackers AND emails.

yUML diagrams ARE defined USING a specific textual notation. Therefore, designers cannot use yUML TO share existing UML models defined USING common CASE Tools (AS ArgoUML, Visio OR Eclipse UML2).

However, thanks TO my XMI transformation service this IS now possible.

XMI nightmares – ArgoUML XMI format change

Javier Muñoz alerted me this morning that my XMI Transformation service did not work with XMI files exported by ArgoUML v. 0.28 .

It is true that my service was tested using version 0.24 but, honestly, the last thing I was expecting is that ArgoUML decided to make changes on its XMI format as part of such a small version update.

Unfortunately, they did make changes.

Import/export of UML class diagrams – XMI Transformation

I've just released the FIRST version OF the XMI transformation service TO improve the interoperability among UML CASE tools.

In this FIRST version, the service allows exchanging class diagrams BETWEEN ArgoUML, Poseidon UML, Microsoft Visio AND Eclipse UML2 compatible tools. TIME permitting MORE tools will be added soon.

OMG is trying to improve the interoperability of UML/MOF/XMI-based tools

I'm really happy TO announce that the OMG has recently created the Model Interchange Working GROUP (MIWG). The goal OF the MIWG IS TO improve the interoperability OF MOF/XMI-based tools.

MIWG comprises END users, tool vendors AND experts IN the UML AND XMI® standards.

The MIWG's approach is to create an export of the same UML model from each participating vendor's tool AND THEN import those models INTO each other's tool.

Eclipse MDT/UML2 as XMI de facto standard?

Some years ago, Rational had a dominant position in the UML CASE tools market. As a result, alternative tools had to offer the option of importing the .mdl files generated by Rational (in the same way that word processors have to offer some compatibility with Microsoft Word .doc files) in order to compete with it.

I wonder if the Eclipse MDT/UML2 component can play a similar role now and become de facto XMI standard.