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Put some muscle into your UML: ArnoldC code generator


ArnoldC is a programming language using quotes from Arnold Schwarzenegger. This code generator provides creates ArnoldC programs from UML activity diagram.

Alf – The Standard Programming Language for UML (slideshare)


Slideshare presentation giving a complete overview of the Alf (Executable UML standard) language syntax

UML: Once more with meaning (presentation by Ed Seidewitz on Executable UML)


Ed Seidewitz, THE driving force behind the new Executable UML standards (see also our Executable UML page for general information and resources on Executable UML) has recently uploaded a presentation on slideshare where he reviews the latest modifications on these standards and their implications. You can find the summary and slides of his presentation below:

State of the art on static model verification tools

During the second half of 2011 and the first half of 2012, Jordi and myself (Carlos González) conducted an analysis on the field of static model verification, with the intent of shedding some light on what was the current landscape on the area and, if possible, trying to discover new challenges and/or weaknesses that could

UML to LaTeX transformation with PlantUML

PlantUML textual UML tool

Some brave colleagues (I´m looking at you, Robert) have managed to draw class diagrams in LaTeX using the TikZ package. The results are really nice but it’s a lot of work. Fortunately, PlantUML has come to the rescue and now offers the option to automatically generate the LaTeX/TikZ files for you. PlantUML is one of

UMLtoCSP – Check the quality of your UML class diagrams with Constraint Programming

uml standard

UMLtoCSP helps you to check that your UML class diagrams (extended with OCL constraints) satisfy a number of correctness properties, including weak and strong satisfiability (to make sure your model can be instantiated in a way that no constraints are violated) or absence of constraint redundancies among others. Unfortunately, these kind of mistakes are more

UML for functional programming, anybody?

uml standard

A few days ago, Tatiana Fesenko asked me my opinion on how to use UML to model functional code. My honest answer that I had no f*** idea but that we could ask you to give your view on this. So, this is her question: Unified Modeling Language (UML) is probably the first language which

GenMyModel (cloud-based UML tool) raises 500.000 Euros


Axellience, startup founded in 2012 and creator of the GenMyModel UML modeling tool, has raised 500.000 EUR to continue its development. As they explain in a previous blog post, GenMyModel is a cloud-based UML tool for developers and software architects. Its main force: create UML-compliant models and generate code online, from a web-browser. This news

Two new online (textual) UML editors: PlantText and SeedUML

Two new online UML textual editors have been released almost the same day and both are based on PlantUML (also reviewed in this blog a few years ago). These two new tools are: PlantText UML Editor: PlantText is a text-based tool for quickly creating clear UML diagrams that can be compared, versioned, and managed. Simply

UML models for popular Java libraries and projects

UML for Java

Very interesting initiative from Modelio : a new website,, showcasing UML models derived from popular Java libraries and projects. So far they have the models for Ant, Jenkins, Junit and SWT but the list should be extended in the near future. Obviously, this is something that can be done with other tools (like our

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