UML Archive

UML modeling in the cloud with GenMyModel (now out of beta)

The evolution of a cloud-based UML modeling tool. Read why and how GenMyModel has evolved to match the needs of online modeling users.

EMFtoCSP (verification of UML and EMF + OCL models) moved to GitHub

Looking for a tool to help you evaluate the quality of your models?. Give EMFtoCSP a try, and even better, help us to make it better!

Put some muscle into your UML: ArnoldC code generator

ArnoldC is a programming language using quotes from Arnold Schwarzenegger. This code generator provides creates ArnoldC programs from UML activity diagram.

Alf – The Standard Programming Language for UML (slideshare)

Slideshare presentation giving a complete overview of the Alf (Executable UML standard) language syntax

State of the art on static model verification tools

During the second half of 2011 and the first half of 2012, Jordi and myself (Carlos

UML to LaTeX transformation with PlantUML

Some brave colleagues (I´m looking at you, Robert) have managed to draw class diagrams in LaTeX

UMLtoCSP – Check the quality of your UML class diagrams with Constraint Programming

UMLtoCSP helps you to check that your UML class diagrams (extended with OCL constraints) satisfy a

UML for functional programming, anybody?

A few days ago, Tatiana Fesenko asked me my opinion on how to use UML to

GenMyModel (cloud-based UML tool) raises 500.000 Euros

Axellience, startup founded in 2012 and creator of the GenMyModel UML modeling tool, has raised 500.000

Two new online (textual) UML editors: PlantText and SeedUML

Two new online UML textual editors have been released almost the same day and both are