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Using ATL and MoDisco to solve the import/export of medical data (by Dennis Wagelaar)


Dennis Wagelaar (a committer for the Eclipse ATL project, among many other things) has just published a blog post where he explains how the use of the ATL transformation language and the MoDisco reverse engineering framework helped his company to solve an interoperability problem with medical data. IMHO, it’s really exciting to see how MDE

An adapter-based approach to evolve the code generated by M2T transformations

Adapter for model-to-text transformations

Guest post by  Jokin García summarizing our work “DB Schema Evolution in Model-to-Text Transformations: An Adapter-based Approach”  co-written by Jokin, Óscar  Díaz (both from the Onekin group, (, University of the Basque Country -UPV/EHU) and myself.  This work have been accepted in the CAiSE 2014 conference . Enter Jokin. Generally, in model-to-text (M2T) transformations there is an static

Checking Model Transformation Refinement


Next month, at the Int. Conf. on Model Transformation (ICMT), AtlanMod, in cooperation with ATOS Research and the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, will present research results regarding the use of bounded model finding to analyze refinement relationships between model transformations. As Fabian explains, our approach allows comparing rule-based transformation implementations (e.g., in ATL or QVT-R)

ATLTest – White box testing of (ATL) model transformations

White-box testing of model transformations

Recently, at MODELS 2012, we (Jordi and myself, Carlos González) had the opportunity to present our work titled “ATLTest: A White-Box Test Generation Approach for ATL Model Transformations”. As the title suggests, it’s a technique  to generate input test models out of the analysis of the internals (white-box approach) of an ATL  transformation. The idea

On verifying ATL transformations using ‘off-the-shelf’ SMT solvers


(post by Fabian Büttner) Recently, at this year’s MODELS conference, we (Fabian, myself and Marina Egea) have presented first results on the verification of ATL transformations using SMT solvers. In a nutshell, our approach allows us to verify that a declarative ATL transformation establishes all intended structural properties (i.e., transformation post-conditions, specified as OCL invariants)

The Program is the Model: Enabling [email protected]

Jesús Sánchez describes today his approach for enabling [email protected] Enter Jesús. The application of MDE to advanced scenarios is leading to a trend to use models at runtime as part of running systems. This requires interacting with functionality written in general-purpose languages (GPL), which is typically made available in the form of APIs.  In addition,

Catalogue of refactorings for model transformations


Last issue of JOT, apart from the Special issue for the ICMT conference, it also included our paper Manuel Wimmer, Salvador Martínez, Frédéric Jouault, Jordi Cabot, A Catalogue of Refactorings for Model-to-Model Transformations. You can read here the full version or continue reading this post to read the summary of the paper prepared by Salva.

Special issue for ICMT 2011 (Int. Conference on Model Transformation) published


The two best papers of ICMT 2011 have now been published in the latest issue of the Journal of Object Technology (all papers are freely accessible online). The “winners” are: Manuel Wimmer, Gerti Kappel, Angelika Kusel, Werner Retschitzegger, Johannes Schönböck, Werner Schwinger, Dimitris Kolovos, Richard Paige, Marius Lauder, Andy Schürr, Dennis Wagelaar, Surveying Rule Inheritance in

The ATL paper still in the top 25 (4 years after its publication!)


The Scico Journal sent me an alert to inform me that our paper ATL: A model transformation tool made it into the top 25 of the hottest articles of the journal . Four years after its publication, the paper (and ATL) continue as strong as ever! If you liked this post, you should subscribe to

Release of EMFText 1.4.1, JaMoPP 1.4.0 and Refactory 0.9.0


Our friends at DevBoost have announced today the release of new versions of their tools for model to text transformations, java to models extraction and model refactoring. Details below: We are very proud to announce the availability of EMFText 1.4.1, JaMoPP 1.4.0 and Refactory 0.9.0. This release integrates one year of heavy development activities. It

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