OCL Archive

Papers from the OCL workshop 2014 freely available

Read the latest proposals to improve the Object Constraint Language presented at the OCL workshop 2014

The OCL repository

Check (and contribute to) the OCL repository in GitHub

EMFtoCSP (verification of UML and EMF + OCL models) moved to GitHub

Looking for a tool to help you evaluate the quality of your models?. Give EMFtoCSP a try, and even better, help us to make it better!

State of the art on static model verification tools

During the second half of 2011 and the first half of 2012, Jordi and myself (Carlos

Over 10.000 views for the OCL tutorial slides

Slides and full chapter for our introductory tutorial to the OCL language, now with more than 10.000 views on slideshare

Executing OCL expressions on plain Java – How to do it?

In twitter, Sébastien Mosser raised the question of how to execute OCL expressions on plain Java

UMLtoCSP – Check the quality of your UML class diagrams with Constraint Programming

UMLtoCSP helps you to check that your UML class diagrams (extended with OCL constraints) satisfy a

Object Constraint Language (OCL) v. 2.4 has now been released

Ed Willink , the driving force behind the standard AND implementation tasks for the OCL language

Formal semantics for the OCL (Object Constraint Language) – new attempt

OCL (Object Constraint Language) is used everywhere: to define well-formedness rules, query expressions, model transformations,… but

From SQL to OCL – Extracting constraints and derivation rules from relational DBs

Valerio Cosentino and Salvador Martinez presented in the International Workshop on OCL, Model Constraint and Query