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Telosys Tools : the concept of “lightweight model” for code-generation


Telosys Tools ( is a simple and pragmatic code generator. Provided as an Eclipse Plugin ( ), it uses an original approach mixing “database first scaffolding” and classical model driven engineering. Laurent Guérin, one of the key people behind the project tells us more about it. This tool aims to provide an alternative to the

Canappi (code-generation for mobile apps) is now open source


Jean-Jacques Dubray just announced his decision to open source Canappi, a cross-platform model-driven mobile application development tool (we also talked about Canappi in previous blog post). Open sourcing Canappi is part of his initiative to promote metaprogramming (which I´m not going to try to explain here, just click on the link to read what metaprogramming

UMLtoSQL, UMLtoSymfony/PHP and UMLtoDjango/Python are now open source


Long-time readers know that some time ago the portal included a set of online code generation services: UMLtoSQL: automatically generated a SQL DDL script to create the database corresponding to the input UML class diagram UMLtoPHP: automatically generated full-fledged PHP applications from UML class diagrams. The service generated Doctrine models that thanks to the PHP/Symfony

GenMyModel – Real online modeling (or so they say)


Check also the newest post on GenMyModel Thomas Legrand from Axellience presents today GenMyModel , a new web-based modeling tool (see other web-based modeling or drawing tools). Enter Thomas. GenMyModel is a real online modeling tool with code generation features. Diagrams and models are associated as in desktop modelers. It is a beta version. The team collects

Release of EMFText 1.4.1, JaMoPP 1.4.0 and Refactory 0.9.0


Our friends at DevBoost have announced today the release of new versions of their tools for model to text transformations, java to models extraction and model refactoring. Details below: We are very proud to announce the availability of EMFText 1.4.1, JaMoPP 1.4.0 and Refactory 0.9.0. This release integrates one year of heavy development activities. It

Matrix – A New Abstract Modeling Language


Today, Mike Finn presents a new abstract modeling language called Matrix based on the Shlaer-Mellor Method. Matrix is a textual modeling language that’s designed to be translated to many existing programming languages such as C, C++, Java and Ada. The Matrix language provides an extremely high level of abstraction compared to currently available executable modeling

Why did I fail with the online code-generation services – Advise(II): Don’t sell to developers

(cross-posted from the “Stories of a (failed) entrepreneur” blog) This is the second in a series of posts trying to explain what I think went wrong with my attempt of selling online code-generation services, that I end up giving up for free due to the lack of clients. In the previous post, I recommended to

Code Generation 2012 – Programme available


You can now check the very interesting talks awaiting for you at this year’s edition of the Code Generation conference, the “leading event on the practical applications of Model-Driven Software Development (MDSD). … This reputation has been built up by attracting industry-recognised experts to share their experiences at the conference.” If you enjoyed this post

List of Executable UML tools


It looks like Executable UML is getting increasingly popular (again) maybe because the new Executable UML standards (fuml and Alf) we have now available. Executable UML aims at defining UML models with a behavioral specification precise enough to be effectively executed. In its purest state, Executable UML eliminates the need of programming the software system.

Why did I fail with the online code-generation services – Advise(I): Choose a cool technology to sell

(cross-posted from the “Stories of a (failed) entrepreneur” blog) This is the first of a short series of posts where I try to reflect on the reasons that forced me to stop trying to make money out of the (now free of use) online code-generation services . I hope you find my experience useful! (and

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