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World Wide Modeling: The agility of the web applied to model repositories


A new initiative that distributes models in the form of model fragments linked together just as web pages can reference each other

Lyrical flowcharts


LucidChart (one of the most popular web-based modeling tools) is creating youtube videos showing popular songs modeled as flowcharts. As an example here you are the “Hey Jude” one Sure, we could discuss whehter flowcharts are the best way to model a song but let’s not be picky, anything that promotes modeling deserves recognition! If

BuiltWith – Find out what a website is built with


Thanks to Robert, I discover BuiltWith a web page that gives you a technological profile of any web you are interested in. The profile includes characteristics about the web server and OS, development frameworks and CMSs in place, java script libraries, encoding among several other things. They have also a Google Chrome extension to check

Best example of multiple inheritance ever (thanks to Jean Bézivin)


I´m reproducing a picture that Jean posted in google plus to exemplify multiple inheritance. I don’t like the mechanism of multiple inheritance (at the conceptual level is sometimes useful but too easy to get it wrong and at the implementation level is just a nightmare since most technologies do not support it so you are

5 Great UML Online Tools

The demand for UML online modeling plus the need for web-based collaboration plus the amazing web interfaces that can be created with new technologies (e.g. HTML5 canvas) has created a “new” market for modeling tools: UML online tools. In fact, they are more drawing tools than modeling tools but still, they at least offer you

Feature Matrix summarizing existing Language Workbenches

Pedro J. Molina has posted a very useful summary of the main features of all language workbenches (i.e. frameworks to facilitate the definition of textual and/or graphical domain-specific languages) presented at the Language Workbench Competition 2011 . Worth taking a look at!

My new stories OF a (failed) entrepreneur blog

After the announcement of my research rants blog, now it’s the turn TO introduce my “stories of a (so far failed) entrepreneur blog” WHERE I talk about the business side OF this portal AND the code-generation services

My new “research rants” blog

Sometimes I feel the need to explain (non-technical) situations I face in my daily research activity. Since most of them would not fit the goals of this modeling portal I’ve decided TO CREATE a blog FOR ALL my research rants , ( because research IS NOT ONLY a passion but also a job AND AS ALL jobs, it sometimes sucks!)

Design Patterns Quick Reference

I´ve just discovered this flash card showing the class diagrams AND purposes FOR the basic GoF (Gang OF Four) patterns. Very handy!

Top seven UML cheatsheets

This information has been consolidated and moved to the portal’s page about Best UML Cheatsheets and reference guides . Follow the discussion there If you need a quick reference guide for the UML notation, check one of the following, IMHO, great UML cheat sheets (in no particular order): :Newest reference card, covers ALL major

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