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Composing JSON-based Web APIs


We keep on working on our research work about the discovery of implicit schemas from JSON documents. Some months ago we presented the release of the webpage allowig you to play with the tool. We would like to give you an update about our advances. This time we have focused on how our tool can help

Dr.Explain: One interface for creating technical documentation

Dr. Explain - tool for writing technical documentation

Dr. Explain will help you to create any kind of technical documentation for your software manual or help file. Specially designed for developers.

UML to LaTeX transformation with PlantUML

PlantUML textual UML tool

Some brave colleagues (I´m looking at you, Robert) have managed to draw class diagrams in LaTeX using the TikZ package. The results are really nice but it’s a lot of work. Fortunately, PlantUML has come to the rescue and now offers the option to automatically generate the LaTeX/TikZ files for you. PlantUML is one of

Walkmod – Open source tool for sharing and applying code conventions


Where are coding conventions specified? How can we detect which source files are violating conventions? And who will fix the code?. Walkmod will help your company to answer these questions!

Two new online (textual) UML editors: PlantText and SeedUML

Two new online UML textual editors have been released almost the same day and both are based on PlantUML (also reviewed in this blog a few years ago). These two new tools are: PlantText UML Editor: PlantText is a text-based tool for quickly creating clear UML diagrams that can be compared, versioned, and managed. Simply

Mendix (a “MDD company”) raises $25M in funding

mendix logo

By now, I guess you all know already that Mendix has closed a $25 million Series B investment, led by Battery Ventures to Fuel Product Innovation, Growth and Customer Success. I do belive these are great news for our community (no, I will not pocket any of these 25M, at least, unless they increase the

JointJS: JavaScript diagramming toolkit

JointJs online modeling

Guest post by David Durman on JointJS, a JavaScript Diagramming tool (if interested in the topic of online modelnig tools, don’t forget to check our list of tools). Enter David JointJS is a complete toolkit for building fully interactive diagramming and modeling applications that run in modern browsers. JointJS core library is open source. A

JSON Schema discoverer: new online service

json schema discoverer

Our research work about the discovery of an implicit schema from JSON documents was presented in this blog some months ago. We release today the web version of the tool, which will allow you to play with our JSON discoverer using a web interface. The web site is located in, where you have access

The Dresden OCL debugger

dresden ocl logo

Yesterday in the OCL Workshop I saw the presentation of the paper: Tool-Supported Step-By-Step Debugging for the Object Constraint Language, the first debugger (AFAIK) available for the OCL language. I really liked what I saw so I asked Birgit Demuth to share with all of you some more information about the debugger. Enter Birgit. The

Model-driven Support for Enterprise Architecture (in an Industrial Context)


Hugo Brunelière talks today abut our work on the MDE + EA combination. Enter Hugo. MDE has already been largely applied in the general context of supporting software engineering processes (concerning both forward and reverse engineering) or when dealing with interoperability problems (e.g., data exchange, component adaptation) between different systems, environments, tools, etc. More recently,

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