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Eclipse DemoCamp Nantes (slides – English / video – French)


Last Thursday, AtlanMod and Obeo co-organized an Eclipse DemoCamp in Nantes. We briefly presented our technologies: Virtual EMF (views on models), EMFtoCSP (pragmatic model verification) and Collaboro (collaborative development of DSLs). Other speakers presented Orion, Mylin/Intent, Eclipse 4 and Intel CoFluent Studio. You can watch the recorded video of the event (in French) and/or check

OCL Tutorial (slides available)


As I already mentioned before, we (me and Martin Gogolla) wrote an introductory guide to the OCL language . I’m attaching now the slides of the OCL tutorial talk I gave to present our OCL guide at the SFM’12 summer school. OCL tutorial View more presentations from Jordi Cabot. You can also download a pdf

Some wisdom pearls from B. Selic on modeling / UML at SFM12

I had the chance to listen to Bran Selic giving the opening lecture at the SFM´12 summer school . Since some of the tweets I wrote during the talk became quite popular, I thought it would be interesting to recap all of them in this blog post. Of course, when reading them keep in mind

Real World DSLs – Get Introduced to Domain Specific Languages (presentation)

Another great presentation I’ve recently discovered. Mario Fusco introduces the concept of Domain-Specific Language (DSL), describes the different kinds of DSLs we may create, their pros and cons, etc. Great overview of the DSL world in just a bunch of slides! Real world DSL – making technical and business people speaking the same language View

Free and online Model Thinking course


You can now register for this free and online course on Model Thinking. From the course web page: “Evidence shows that people who think with models consistently outperform those who don’t. And, moreover people who think with lots of models outperform people who use only one. … Models help us to better organize information. Models

Towards a General Composition Semantics for Rule-Based Model Transformation

As model transformations have become an integral part of the automated software engineering lifecycle, reuse, modularisation, and composition of model transformations becomes important. One way to compose model transformations is to compose modules of transformation rules, and execute the composition as one transformation (internal composition). This kind of composition can provide fine-grained semantics, as it

SFM-12 MDE Summer School

Formal methods are emerging in computer science as a prominent approach to the rigorous design of computer, communication and software systems. The aim of the SFM (International School on Formal Methods) series is to offer a good spectrum of current research in foundations as well as applications of formal methods, which can be of interest

Profiles for any kind of models (and not only UML) – Slides available

Some time ago I talked to you about our work on creating a profile mechanism for general EMF models (see “from UML profiles to EMF profiles and beyond” , including the full paper and the tool support). We have now presented this work in the TOOLS conference. If you are interested and want to take a

Does software modeling pay? – Empirical studies in UML (presentation)

The announcement OF Michel Chaudron’s talk at the Jeudi des Modèles conference series: Modeling effectively – insights from empirical studies raised some interesting discussions .

My online conference talk on “MDE that works (really!)” (in spanish)

Since I know that SOME Spanish-speaking readers prefer TO follow the English version OF the portal instead OF the Spanish one I’d like to announce here my participation in the SGVirtualConference on Wednesday, April 6th.

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