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Best presentations on sofware modeling and model-driven engineering (your help needed)


Dear Lazy Web, Soon I’m going to start teaching again my undergrad course on model-driven engineering. And one thing I thought could be helpful (both for me and the students) would be to have a collection of great presentations on model-driven engineering and all its related concepts / techniques. My initial collection can be found

Inferring the implicit schema of a set of JSON documents (slides)

The slides of our paper “Discovering Implicit Schemas in JSON Data. ICWE conference” (short intro and full paper available here) are now available. Enjoy! Discovering Implicit Schemas in JSON Data from Javier Canovas

Enabling the Collaborative Definition of DSMLs (slides)

Check this summary of Collaboro, our proposal to the collabortive definition of domain-specific languages to be presented tomorrow at the CAiSE conference. Abstract: Software development processes are collaborative in nature. Neglecting the key role of end-users leads to software that does not satisfy their needs. This collaboration becomes specially important when creating Domain-Specific Modeling Languages

RR: Should we resurrect Software Engineering? by Jean Bézivin


Always very interesting to listen Jean talking about software engineering and role of MDE in it (among many other things). You can read the abstract of this CHOOSE forum 2012 talk in Jean´s blog and check the presentation in slideshare (and below) Bern.jb from Jean Bézivin If you liked this post, you should subscribe to

Extracting business rules out of Java – An MDE approach

Valerio Cosentino presented in the RuleML Symposium held in conjunction with ECAI 2012 (20th biennial European Conference on Artificial Intelligence) his work on the extraction of the business rules embedded in (Java) code (joint work with IBM France) Below, the abstract and the slides he used. The full paper is available here. The goal of

MDE 2.0.: pragmatic model verification and other stories – Habilitation public lecture

I got my habilitation this week. Since some people have asked me for a copy of the slides or the habilitation thesis, I thought I could add them in the portal. Those that follow the portal or know the work of my team will NOT find any new scientific content (in France, the habilitation is

Eclipse DemoCamp Nantes (slides – English / video – French)


Last Thursday, AtlanMod and Obeo co-organized an Eclipse DemoCamp in Nantes. We briefly presented our technologies: Virtual EMF (views on models), EMFtoCSP (pragmatic model verification) and Collaboro (collaborative development of DSLs). Other speakers presented Orion, Mylin/Intent, Eclipse 4 and Intel CoFluent Studio. You can watch the recorded video of the event (in French) and/or check

OCL Tutorial (slides available)


As I already mentioned before, we (me and Martin Gogolla) wrote an introductory guide to the OCL language . I’m attaching now the slides of the OCL tutorial talk I gave to present our OCL guide at the SFM’12 summer school. OCL tutorial View more presentations from Jordi Cabot. You can also download a pdf

Some wisdom pearls from B. Selic on modeling / UML at SFM12

I had the chance to listen to Bran Selic giving the opening lecture at the SFM´12 summer school . Since some of the tweets I wrote during the talk became quite popular, I thought it would be interesting to recap all of them in this blog post. Of course, when reading them keep in mind

Real World DSLs – Get Introduced to Domain Specific Languages (presentation)

Another great presentation I’ve recently discovered. Mario Fusco introduces the concept of Domain-Specific Language (DSL), describes the different kinds of DSLs we may create, their pros and cons, etc. Great overview of the DSL world in just a bunch of slides! Real world DSL – making technical and business people speaking the same language View

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