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New WordPress theme for this Modeling website

Following my own advice (doesn’t happen very often), I’ve changed today the WordPress theme I was

What our visitors really look at – Modeling Languages heatmap

As many of you already know, after my disastrous first attempt (somebody still remembers my online

Domains umltophp , umltosql , umltopython and codegenerationcenter on sale

One of the questions in the test to discover if you’re a real (micro)entrepreneur is owning

Why did I fail with the online code-generation services – Advise(II): Don’t sell to developers

(cross-posted from the “Stories of a (failed) entrepreneur” blog) This is the second in a series

Your ad here

It is now possible to announce your tool/company/service in the modeling languages portal (as part of

Migrating Drupal 6 to WordPress 3

Learn how to migrate from Drupal to WordPress. Free Java program to perform the migration (source code available!)

The modeling portal is back! (with some changes)

I’m happy to present you the completely renovated version of the modeling languages portal! I hope

Integrating Flattr in the portal

After trying Google AdSense (now stopped against my will ) AND Amazon (still active), I've decided to give Flattr a try, at least for a couple of months (read my take on recent Flattr's model change , that hopefully works since they have NOT yet updated the information ON the web site!!).

The social aspect of this portal

(CROSS-posted FROM the "Stories of a (failed) entrepreneur" blog)

My new stories OF a (failed) entrepreneur blog

After the announcement of my research rants blog, now it's the turn TO introduce my "stories of a (so far failed) entrepreneur blog" WHERE I talk about the business side OF this portal AND the code-generation services