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Beautiful models and modeling languages in Pinterest


I’ve now created a board on pinterest to feature “beautiful” models and modeling languages (you can see it here). The idea is to feature examples of different types of models and DSLs so that people can get astonished by our huge creativity. More seriously, the idea is to try to highlight both the variety of

HatePaste (a place to share terrible code) for models?


Do you know the HatePaste site? It’s a place where you can share and vote the worst code snippets you´ve ever seen (if you don’t know the site yet, take a look, you´ll have some fun I promise). Yes, before entertaining the idea of collecting samples of bad models we could start by having repositories

UML diagrams available online – some examples

uml standard

Via Andrea Baruffaldi (with whom I coordinate the UML Lovers LinkedIn Group, feel free to join us!) I have discovered the UML Diagrams Examples site. The site includes several examples of most UML diagrams. Even though there are some errors (same as when anybody publishes source code, there are always hidden bugs) I do believe

101companies: One system – more than 100 alternative software implementations


Ralf Lämmel’s visit is the perfect excuse to blog about his great project: 101 companies, created together with Thomas Schmorleiz and Andrei Varanovich. The idea behind 101 companies is simple, let’s try to have as many implementations as possible for the same scenario, a simple Human Resource Management System (the so-called 101companies System) so that

First 50 terms in the MDE Glossary

The first milestone of our MDE Glossary has been achieved this week. Slow but steady, the first 50 terms are now in. Many more are still missing but we’ll go there. By the way, the order in which I add terms in the Glossary is completely random. The first 50 are neither the most important

Evidence-based repository of method fragments

ProcessExperience.Org is a public knowledge base to share the experiences of practitioners when it comes to use of different software development methodologies.

Combining Xtext and the AtlanMod zoo of metamodels

Nice blog post by Andreas Graf ON USING the AtlanMod repository OF metamodels TO kickstart the creation OF your own textual languages (AND CORRESPONDING editors) WITH XText

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