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Very Large Community-based Software Development (ERC proposal)

Following up on our introductory post in the topic  I’m now “releasing” the full B1 Research Proposal

The day I asked Matt Mullenweg (WP founder) for 100.000 USD

WordPress Research Initiative - Pushing software engineering research into WordPress as a way to improve the WordPress source code and the way its developed

PhD and Postdoc positions in Barcelona

Your chance to apply for a phd or a postdoc grant from the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya and become a researcher in the wondeful city of Barcelona

Migration of legacy software to the cloud – ARTIST project progress report

The ARTIST European project is applying cutting-edge model-driven engineering techniques to the problem of modernizing legacy

MONDO Project – Scalable modeling and model management in the cloud

Check the web page of one of the latests projects AtlanMod is involved: MONDO – Scalable

ARTIST EU IP Project: Rejuvenate legacy applications

AtlanMod is a partner in the new european project ARTIST . To know what the project

Sphinx Eclipse Project

Sphinx is “a new open source project under the Eclipse Model Development Tools (MDT) subproject to

Open source projects using MDE?

Michalis Famelis asked in facebook a very interesting question that I’d like to reproduce here: Are

EMF Facet (a UML profile-like mechanism for EMF?)

EMF Facet IS a new Eclipse Modeling Project lead by MIA-Software AND WITH the collaboration OF AtlanMod .

OPEN Health Tools – Model-Driven Health Tools project (MDHT)

The OPEN Health Tools - Model-Driven Health Tools project (MDHT) aims TO provide modeling tooling extensions TO the Eclipse Modeling Project FOR healthcare applications, AND IN particular, TO produce implementations FOR the HL7 standard .Another interesting project TO follow!