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MDA is dead, long live MDE (according to Gartner)

Model-driven architectures (MDA) became obsolete before reaching full maturity. This a reflection of the market shift to more general, model-driven development approaches.

xtUML – eXecutable Translatable UML Open Source Editor

xtUML is a new open source solution for executable UML based on the well-known BridgePoint tool. Beyond a model editor, it includes several model compilers

GenMyModel (cloud-based UML tool) raises 500.000 Euros

Axellience, startup founded in 2012 and creator of the GenMyModel UML modeling tool, has raised 500.000

Mendix (a “MDD company”) raises $25M in funding

By now, I guess you all know already that Mendix has closed a $25 million Series

Applying MDE in Small Software Enterprises

Javier Cánovas presents his work on the application of MDE in Small Software Enterprises. Enter Javier.

NoFlo: Code-generation project in Kickstarter – A first

NoFlo has launched a kickstarter project to get 100.000 USD in funding for their Development and

Icinetic (Spanish MDD vendor) gets funded

Icinetic , a Spanish company specialized in the use of MDD and DSLs to improve productivity

Canappi (code-generation for mobile apps) is now open source

Jean-Jacques Dubray just announced his decision to open source Canappi, a cross-platform model-driven mobile application development

Two failed MDE startup stories

In its latest issue, Sosym (Software and Systems Modeling Journal) includes a paper where Tony Clark

Summaries of SE research apt for practitioners

Practitioners do not read research papers so reaching them to explain how our great research can

Why did I fail with the online code-generation services – Advise(III): Test your market exists

(cross-posted from the “Stories of a (failed) entrepreneur” blog) This is the third in a series

Very high customer acquisition cost for MDD tools

MDD tool vendors differ in many aspects but they have one thing in common. They all