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Review of our “Model-driven Software Engineering in Practice” book at


For those that want to read a summary + quick review of our Model-driven Software Engineering in Practice, Roberto Zicari has just posted a review of the book in the portal (“The Resource Portal for Big Data and New Data Management Technologies”). Read the review here. And remember that more than 50 universities/institutions are

Publishing the MDE book – My frustrations 18 months later


Our Model-Driven Software Engineering in Practice book was published in September 2012. 18 months later I´d like to share with you some personal reflections on the publication (and marketing) process for the book. I belive that Marco and Manuel share most of these opinions but I´m just talking on my own behalf here. I´ll skip

Model-driven book: Who is using it?

MDE book

We already know that you shouldn’t write a book to make money so your “source of satisfaction” should be to see that people find your book useful. Well, we are happy to see that our Model Driven Software Engineering in Practice book has been quite successful (at least wrt our own expectations) with now being

More than 25 universities using our MDE book


You don’t write a technical book to make money so the best satisfaction for an author is to see his book being read. This is the reason why I’m very happy to announce that our model-driven introductory book is now being used to teach MDE in more than 25 universities all around the world (sure

DSL Engineering – book announcement


Markus Völter talks about his recent (and highly anticipated ) new book on domain-specific languages. Enter Markus. Domain-Specific Languages are modeling or programming languages that are tailored to a particular application domain. By incorporating knowledge about that domain, DSLs can lead to more concise and more analyzable programs, improved code quality, tighter stakeholder integration and

More than 500 slides on model-driven software engineering ready to use in your course


We have now created a complete slide set for each chapter of our MDSE book. In total we have prepared more than 500 slides on all key topics in model-driven engineering (MDE use cases, UML, OCL, MDA, DSLs, model-to-model and model-to-text transformations, model management, agile development with MDE, etc, check the table of contents of

The MDE book now available in Kindle


Quick announcement that now you can “enjoy” our Model-driven Software Engineering in Practice book in your Kindle. Learn about UML, DSLs, MDA, MDE, ATL,… on the go!

Errata page for the model-driven engineering book

It was bound to happen. Unfortunately we are not perfect (not even my grandmas thought so ) so our careful readers have started to identify some errors / clarifications in the book. We are collecting them in the new errata page . Do not hesitate to contact us with any kind of feedback (not only

The MDSE book – First reactions


I just wanted to thank you for your awesome reaction to the release of our mdse book . You put the book in the top 50 of the Best Sellers in Software Design Tools & Techniques (I think our record has been being number 18 so far) and we have been on and off as

The MDSE book is finally available!


Our new book: Model-Driven Software Engineering in Practice is finally available. It’s been more than 1 year of hard work together with my two co-authors (Marco Brambilla and Manuel Wimmer). Now it’s up to you to decide whether the effort (and the wait) was worthwhile. To know more about the book, check the book web

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