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Review of our “Model-driven Software Engineering in Practice” book at

For those that want to read a summary + quick review of our Model-driven Software Engineering

Publishing the MDE book – My frustrations 18 months later

Our Model-Driven Software Engineering in Practice book was published in September 2012. 18 months later I´d

Model-driven book: Who is using it?

We already know that you shouldn’t write a book to make money so your “source of

More than 25 universities using our MDE book

You don’t write a technical book to make money so the best satisfaction for an author

DSL Engineering – book announcement

Markus Völter talks about his recent (and highly anticipated ) new book on domain-specific languages. Enter

More than 500 slides on model-driven software engineering ready to use in your course

We have now created a complete slide set for each chapter of our MDSE book. In

The MDE book now available in Kindle

Quick announcement that now you can "enjoy" our Model-driven Software Engineering in Practice book in your Kindle. Learn about UML, DSLs, MDA, MDE, ATL,... on the go!

Errata page for the model-driven engineering book

It was bound to happen. Unfortunately we are not perfect (not even my grandmas thought so

The MDSE book – First reactions

I just wanted to thank you for your awesome reaction to the release of our mdse

The MDSE book is finally available!

Our new book: Model-Driven Software Engineering in Practice is finally available. It’s been more than 1