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Software architecture of nine open source projects

Collection of architectural descriptions of open source software systems written by students from Delft University of Technology during a master-level course

Model-Driven UI Engineering – the IFML book

Just in time for your Christmas Shopping, Marco Brambilla and Piero Fraternali have published the “Interaction

In 2008, I bought a book titled “PHP 6″. Six years later, PHP version is still 5.5

On the slow evolution of the PHP language (at the very least at the eyes of an "outsider" to the PHP community)

Review of our “Model-driven Software Engineering in Practice” book at

For those that want to read a summary + quick review of our Model-driven Software Engineering

Publishing the MDE book – My frustrations 18 months later

Our Model-Driven Software Engineering in Practice book was published in September 2012. 18 months later I´d

Model-driven book: Who is using it?

We already know that you shouldn’t write a book to make money so your “source of

More than 25 universities using our MDE book

You don’t write a technical book to make money so the best satisfaction for an author

DSL Engineering – book announcement

Markus Völter talks about his recent (and highly anticipated ) new book on domain-specific languages. Enter

More than 500 slides on model-driven software engineering ready to use in your course

We have now created a complete slide set for each chapter of our MDSE book. In

The MDE book now available in Kindle

Quick announcement that now you can "enjoy" our Model-driven Software Engineering in Practice book in your Kindle. Learn about UML, DSLs, MDA, MDE, ATL,... on the go!