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I hate reading other people’s models (cartoon)

Reading other people's models

By Abstruse Goose, a great cartoon showing in a few vignettes the hard life of people that need to read and understand what others have coded before (in other words, everybody and very often). Needless to say, the same cartoon applies to those of us that regularly read and try to grasp models others have

Review of our “Model-driven Software Engineering in Practice” book at


For those that want to read a summary + quick review of our Model-driven Software Engineering in Practice, Roberto Zicari has just posted a review of the book in the portal (“The Resource Portal for Big Data and New Data Management Technologies”). Read the review here. And remember that more than 50 universities/institutions are

Object Constraint Language (OCL) v. 2.4 has now been released


Ed Willink , the driving force behind the standard AND implementation tasks for the OCL language has just announced the availability of OCL 2.4. According to Ed: The OCL 2.4 specification has now been formally adopted and is available from The revision contains the easy maintenance changes that can be done now prior to

Hot topics in MDE research (based on ECMFA accepted papers)

ecmfa wordcloud - accepted

As promised, now that we have completed the selection of the research papers to be presented at ECMFA’14 , I’m showing you the wordcloud for their titles so that you can get a feeling of what research teams on model-driven engineering are working on right now. As a reminder, this was the wordcloud for the

Migration of legacy software to the cloud – ARTIST project progress report

Artist European project

The ARTIST European project is applying cutting-edge model-driven engineering techniques to the problem of modernizing legacy software and migrating it to a cloud infrastructure. For those interested on this topic, we have just released the second ARTIST newsletter describing the latests achievements in the project and how you can benefit from them. Take a look!

MONDO Project – Scalable modeling and model management in the cloud


Check the web page of one of the latests projects AtlanMod is involved: MONDO – Scalable modeling and model management in the cloud As Model Driven Engineering (MDE) is increasingly applied to larger and more complex systems, the current generation of modelling and model management technologies are being pushed to their limits in terms of

What our visitors really look at – Modeling Languages heatmap

WordPress Heatmap 1

As many of you already know, after my disastrous first attempt (somebody still remembers my online code generators?, if so you can still get the source code) I co-founded Nelio Software S.L. last year. Nelio is a company that specializes in offering WordPress-related services, especially Nelio A/B Testing (service that helps WordPress site owners to

Two new online (textual) UML editors: PlantText and SeedUML

Two new online UML textual editors have been released almost the same day and both are based on PlantUML (also reviewed in this blog a few years ago). These two new tools are: PlantText UML Editor: PlantText is a text-based tool for quickly creating clear UML diagrams that can be compared, versioned, and managed. Simply

Publishing the MDE book – My frustrations 18 months later


Our Model-Driven Software Engineering in Practice book was published in September 2012. 18 months later I´d like to share with you some personal reflections on the publication (and marketing) process for the book. I belive that Marco and Manuel share most of these opinions but I´m just talking on my own behalf here. I´ll skip

WordCloud for the ECMFA’14 conference (titles of submitted papers)

ECMFA wordcloud - submitted papers

We have now closed the abstract submission phase for ECMFA’14 (European Conference on Modeling Foundations and Apoplications) and I thought you may be curious to see the wordcloud that we get with the titles of all submitted papers (track Foundations only). I’ve just done minimal edits (e.g. to remove the words model and modeling which

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