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Composing JSON-based Web APIs


We keep on working on our research work about the discovery of implicit schemas from JSON documents. Some months ago we presented the release of the webpage allowig you to play with the tool. We would like to give you an update about our advances. This time we have focused on how our tool can help

IFML – Interaction Flow Modeling Language 1.0 – Tutorial


Marco Brambilla has released the slides of his tutorial on IFML (Interaction Flow Modeling Language) presented at the ICWE’14 conference. For sure, a presentation to add to my list of useful presentations on Model-Driven Engineering (DSLs, UML, Eclipse Modeling technologies,…) as soon as we have the time to update the list. Enjoy his tutorial! IFML

What Software Engineering researchers are working on


Yesterday I attended the ASE PC Workshop on the State of the Art in Automated Software Engineering Research (preliminary to the ASE Program Board meeting) where many software engineering researchers took the opportunity to talk about the research topics they are working on. So, if you want to know what are the current research trends

Alf – The Standard Programming Language for UML (slideshare)


Slideshare presentation giving a complete overview of the Alf (Executable UML standard) language syntax

World Wide Modeling: The agility of the web applied to model repositories


A new initiative that distributes models in the form of model fragments linked together just as web pages can reference each other

UML: Once more with meaning (presentation by Ed Seidewitz on Executable UML)


Ed Seidewitz, THE driving force behind the new Executable UML standards (see also our Executable UML page for general information and resources on Executable UML) has recently uploaded a presentation on slideshare where he reviews the latest modifications on these standards and their implications. You can find the summary and slides of his presentation below:

Dr.Explain: One interface for creating technical documentation

Dr. Explain - tool for writing technical documentation

Dr. Explain will help you to create any kind of technical documentation for your software manual or help file. Specially designed for developers.

Over 10.000 views for the OCL tutorial slides

OCL tutorial

Slides and full chapter for our introductory tutorial to the OCL language, now with more than 10.000 views on slideshare

UML to LaTeX transformation with PlantUML

PlantUML textual UML tool

Some brave colleagues (I´m looking at you, Robert) have managed to draw class diagrams in LaTeX using the TikZ package. The results are really nice but it’s a lot of work. Fortunately, PlantUML has come to the rescue and now offers the option to automatically generate the LaTeX/TikZ files for you. PlantUML is one of

Walkmod – Open source tool for sharing and applying code conventions


Where are coding conventions specified? How can we detect which source files are violating conventions? And who will fix the code?. Walkmod will help your company to answer these questions!

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