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A better understanding of Drupal module interactions thanks to UML

You already know that I dropped Drupal to move to WordPress but this doesn’t mean I’m

Migrating Drupal 6 to WordPress 3

Learn how to migrate from Drupal to WordPress. Free Java program to perform the migration (source code available!)

The modeling portal is back! (with some changes)

I’m happy to present you the completely renovated version of the modeling languages portal! I hope

New Tag Cloud and Today´s Popular Content blocks

After Google´s Christmas Present OF Canceling my AdSense account I´ve now added two new blocks IN the RIGHT side OF the portal:
  • The top 5 popular entries OF the DAY
  • A Tag Cloud FOR the portal content
I hope this helps you TO discover new contents IN the portal that may be OF your interest.

Portal’s mailing list – sending notifications FROM Drupal

Instead OF subscribing TO the portal RSS feeds , SOME people prefer TO GET updates FROM this modeling portal directly TO their email.

Retrieving portal content USING taxonomy terms – fixed

Each post/article in the portal is tagged using one or more vocabulary terms defined in my modeling taxonomy. Clicking on the term will retrieve a view page listing all drupal nodes (i.e. posts+articles) tagged with the same term.

Until now, clicking on the term redirected the user to an error page but now I've managed TO fix the problem (AT least temporarily, it seems it IS NOT clear yet what makes Drupal TO generate wrong aliases FOR the terminology terms).

Hope you enjoy a new way OF browsing the site

How I created this modeling site with Drupal (III)

I have updated the second and third part of the "How I created this modeling site with Drupal" post series with new information: restricting page access to certain users, creating a "most popular content" view, my simple backup and restore strategy,...

Take a look if you are interesting in using Drupal as CMS for your site.

Blocking certain users from accessing a given page in Drupal

(this information is now part of the How I Created this modeling portal with Drupal page)

I recently had to create a page only accessible for: Registered Users AND users with an id matching one of the values in a Table X (e.g. to make sure that users have signed up for a specific service before letting them access it). Here is how I did it.

For the first part, there are several Drupal modules (e.g. this one ) that can be used for this purpose.

Accessing non-drupal folders within a drupal site

To my surprise, when setting up the OCL workshop web page I realized that the URL modeling-languages.com/events/OCLWorkshop2009/ was not automatically redirected to modeling-languages.com/events/OCLWorkshop2009/index.html . Instead, a forbidden access error was shown.

How did I create this site?

I've decided to include in the blog some posts about the process of creating the portal and the services that I'll offer IN it. Hopefully, SOME OF you will find this information useful (e.g. if you ARE thinking IN creating also your own portal OR web site). To BEGIN WITH I've written down some of the notes I took during the installation of Drupal (the CMS - content management system - used as base platform) and the setup of the portal.