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JavaScript is taking over the Internet – the WordPress example

JavaScript logo

JavaScript is “invading” many PHP-based existing projects. As an example, we show the evolution of JavaScript code in WordPress

What our visitors really look at – Modeling Languages heatmap

WordPress Heatmap 1

As many of you already know, after my disastrous first attempt (somebody still remembers my online code generators?, if so you can still get the source code) I co-founded Nelio Software S.L. last year. Nelio is a company that specializes in offering WordPress-related services, especially Nelio A/B Testing (service that helps WordPress site owners to

The Modeling portal is now running on WPEngine

migrate to wpengine

As part of my personal quest to minimize the system administration tasks for this portal I’ve now migrated it to WPEngine , a managed WordPress Hosting provider. There are two main reasons why people do this. The first one is better performance / scalability support for sites with thousands of visitors per day (unfortunately, not

A better understanding of Drupal module interactions thanks to UML


You already know that I dropped Drupal to move to WordPress but this doesn’t mean I’m very happy to report on people talking about the benefits (or disadvantatges) of using UML and MDE/modeling in general in their professional life. In this case, Lin Clark explains how she thinks UML sequence diagrams are helping her work

Migrating Drupal 6 to WordPress 3


Learn how to migrate from Drupal to WordPress. Free Java program to perform the migration (source code available!)

The modeling portal is back! (with some changes)

I’m happy to present you the completely renovated version of the modeling languages portal! I hope you like the new look & feel of the portal! Nevertheless the renovation has gone further than just changing the template, so please read below some of the important changes we have done: Now the portal runs on wordpress

New Tag Cloud and Today´s Popular Content blocks

After Google´s Christmas Present OF Canceling my AdSense account I´ve now added two new blocks IN the RIGHT side OF the portal:

  • The top 5 popular entries OF the DAY
  • A Tag Cloud FOR the portal content

I hope this helps you TO discover new contents IN the portal that may be OF your interest.

Comparing the effect of Dzone, stumbleupon, digg, reddit and delicious in the portal

More than a post, today I´m writing a meta-post that as all the other meta-posts talks about the development of the portal itself. In this case I thought somebody could be interested in seeing some stats on the portal visitors. More specifically, this post focuses on showing some data about the real impact of appearing

Portal’s mailing list – sending notifications FROM Drupal

Instead OF subscribing TO the portal RSS feeds , SOME people prefer TO GET updates FROM this modeling portal directly TO their email.

Easy service subscription WITH FastSpring e-commerce platform

It took me a while to decide that FastSpring was the best e-commerce platform to manage the subscriptions to my online code-generation services .

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