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Massive Open Online Course about the UML Class Diagram

A new MOOC focusing on UML (maybe the firsts one on this topic?) is now available, for the moment covering only class diagrams

Learn software modeling / MDE with this 500+ free slides from our book

The full slide set for our introductory book on software modeling and model-driven (software) engineering is now available for free on slideshare.

IFML – Interaction Flow Modeling Language 1.0 – Tutorial

Marco Brambilla has released the slides of his tutorial on IFML (Interaction Flow Modeling Language) presented

Short videos showing the power of model-driven engineering (request)

Not long ago, and with your help, I collected some of the best MDE presentations to

Best presentations on sofware modeling and model-driven engineering (your help needed)

Dear Lazy Web, Soon I’m going to start teaching again my undergrad course on model-driven engineering.

Model-driven book: Who is using it?

We already know that you shouldn’t write a book to make money so your “source of

Model-driven learning design

In a collaboration with Juan Manuel Dodero and his colleagues from the University of Cadiz, we

Automatic grading of UML models

Dear lazyweb, I was wondering if any of you knows/uses any tool to automatically grade (UML)

Introduction to Domain-Specific Languages (DSL tutorial slides)

Javier Cánovas, a postdoctoral fellow in AtlanMod, recently gave on tutorial on DSLs (Domain-specific Languages). I

It’s time to teach history of programming languages

One of the first concepts I show when teaching Model-driven engineering is the MDE equation (Models

HatePaste (a place to share terrible code) for models?

Do you know the HatePaste site? It’s a place where you can share and vote the

More than 500 slides on model-driven software engineering ready to use in your course

We have now created a complete slide set for each chapter of our MDSE book. In

Object Constraint Language (OCL) tutorial

As part of my participation in the 12th Int. School on Formal Methods: Model-Driven Engineering (SFM´12)

Why did I fail with the online code-generation services – Advise(II): Don’t sell to developers

(cross-posted from the “Stories of a (failed) entrepreneur” blog) This is the second in a series

SFM-12 MDE Summer School

Formal methods are emerging in computer science as a prominent approach to the rigorous design of

Make some money as UML teacher :-)

My recipe Step 1: Propose an UML assignment to your students (it doesn’t need to be

(For Academics) Online Survey on Tools in Modeling Education

In order to get feedback regarding the current use of modeling tools in education, the organizers of this Educators' Symposium have prepared an online survey

If you have SOME TIME, they would LIKE TO have your INPUT ON that. I understand the results will be available after the symposium

An interview with the head of the first full Model-driven Engineering diploma

CHECK this interview TO the head OF the MDE diploma (that should be me ) made by Xavier Seignard .

MDE Education – Leonardo Da Vinci funded project

AtlanMod has just been granted a Leonardo Da Vinci project FOR Exchanging knowledge, techniques AND experiences around Model Driven Engineering education .

This IS a joint project WITH Lublin University OF Technology, Politecnico di Milano (IN particular, my colleague Marco Brambilla ), the University OF Alicante AND us (IN this project, "us" means the Ecole des Mines de Nantes).

MDD course by Eelco Visser (slides online)