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IFML – Interaction Flow Modeling Language 1.0 – Tutorial


Marco Brambilla has released the slides of his tutorial on IFML (Interaction Flow Modeling Language) presented at the ICWE’14 conference. For sure, a presentation to add to my list of useful presentations on Model-Driven Engineering (DSLs, UML, Eclipse Modeling technologies,…) as soon as we have the time to update the list. Enjoy his tutorial! IFML

Short videos showing the power of model-driven engineering (request)


Not long ago, and with your help, I collected some of the best MDE presentations to teach the various technologies, tools and applications of model-driven engineering. However, when teaching my MDE course this fall, I realized there was one thing missing: short videos that in less than five minutes (I’m afraid this is the maximum

Best presentations on sofware modeling and model-driven engineering (your help needed)


Dear Lazy Web, Soon I’m going to start teaching again my undergrad course on model-driven engineering. And one thing I thought could be helpful (both for me and the students) would be to have a collection of great presentations on model-driven engineering and all its related concepts / techniques. My initial collection can be found

Model-driven book: Who is using it?

MDE book

We already know that you shouldn’t write a book to make money so your “source of satisfaction” should be to see that people find your book useful. Well, we are happy to see that our Model Driven Software Engineering in Practice book has been quite successful (at least wrt our own expectations) with now being

Model-driven learning design

Learning Design MDE process

In a collaboration with Juan Manuel Dodero and his colleagues from the University of Cadiz, we have explored the application of MDE to a new (for me) scenario: the generation of learning environments from a learning design model conforming to a learning design DSL. It’s an easy joke but let me say that I learnt

Automatic grading of UML models


Dear lazyweb, I was wondering if any of you knows/uses any tool to automatically grade (UML) models created by students. I’m fully aware this far from easy (which probably explains why I don’t know of any such tool that is widely used, at least not among the people I know that teaches MDE). Clearly, a

Introduction to Domain-Specific Languages (DSL tutorial slides)

Javier Cánovas, a postdoctoral fellow in AtlanMod, recently gave on tutorial on DSLs (Domain-specific Languages). I think the set of slides he prepared are really good and could be interesting for many of the readers of the portal. So, if you want to know what a DSL is, how to build them, … take a

It’s time to teach history of programming languages


One of the first concepts I show when teaching Model-driven engineering is the MDE equation (Models + Transformations = Software ) which obviously revisits the well-known Niklaus Wirth‘s equation: Algorithms + Data Structures = Programs. I thought that by linking the two, it would be easier for the students to grasp the main aspects of

More than 500 slides on model-driven software engineering ready to use in your course


We have now created a complete slide set for each chapter of our MDSE book. In total we have prepared more than 500 slides on all key topics in model-driven engineering (MDE use cases, UML, OCL, MDA, DSLs, model-to-model and model-to-text transformations, model management, agile development with MDE, etc, check the table of contents of

Object Constraint Language (OCL) tutorial

As part of my participation in the 12th Int. School on Formal Methods: Model-Driven Engineering (SFM´12) I´ve co-authored an OCL tutorial book chapter (together with Martin Gogolla) introducing the Object Constraint Language (you may want to read why you need to learn OCL first). The abstract of the chapter is the following: The Object Constraint

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