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I failed to convince my students about the benefits of code-generation

I asked my students to use a code-generation tool to develop a simple CRUD-like application. This is what they have to say about the experience.

RR: The State of Practice in Model-Driven Engineering

During the last few years, Jon Whittle, John Hutchinson, and Mark Rouncefield have been trying to

State of the art on static model verification tools

During the second half of 2011 and the first half of 2012, Jordi and myself (Carlos

Non-functional Requirements in Architectural Decision Making at InfoQ

Our IEEE software paper Non-functional Requirements in Architectural Decision Making is now also available for everybody

Reasons for not contributing more to open source projects (poll results)

Check also the tool we are developing to face some of the challenges you told us

Why don’t you contribute (more) to open source projects?

We are interested in understanding the problems people face when trying to contribute to open source

Is transitioning to MDE revolutionary (for companies adopting it)?

After reading the paper “Transition to Model-Driven Engineering – What Is Revolutionary, What Remains the Same?”

How do software architects deal with non-functional requirements?

The full results of our exploratory study on how software architects deal with non-functional requirements (based

Architecture Quality revisited

Together with X. Franch, D. Ameller and C. Ayala (all members of the GESSI group), I’ve

Top 5 modeling posts – April/June 2012

Here we are with the top 5 most popular posts (according to Google Analytics) of the