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Collectivized agriculture and UML

Wondering what collectivized agriculture and UML may have in common? Discover it in this post.

Highlights of an interview to Grady Booch

Read what Grady Booch (creator of the UML) has to say about modeling, MDD and software development in general

Specialization is for recruiters, not developers

Are you a generalist or a specialist? Should developers be one or the other?

The many ways to contribute to Open Source projects

Not a developer? You can still (and should) contribute to the open source projects you enjoy

Another (failed) software engineering prediction

Soon … a good proportion of software, like hard goods, will be automatically manufactured, cutting the

Collaboration and Governance of Open Source Projects

Some slides with our ideas on improving the collaboration and governance of open source software projects

A tool to define the governance rules of your (open source) projects

We recenly asked you to explain us why you did not contribute (more) to open source

Model-based development in General Electric – Case Study (with a twist)

Reading my Computer magazine, I ended up in an article describing a case study in the

UML has changed the way I develop software (answered 51% of the participants in the poll)

Some weeks ago we echoed a study (based on 50 interviews to software professionals) that showed

UML adoption in practice: has anything changed in the last decade?

In short, I’m afraid the answer is NO (and my belief is the same applies to