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A tool to define the governance rules of your (open source) projects

We recenly asked you to explain us why you did not contribute (more) to open source projects . After analyzing the results of the survey we discovered that one of the reasons which hamper contributions is the lack of clear undesrtanding on how the project is governed, that is, who can contribute, how contributions are

UML has changed the way I develop software (answered 51% of the participants in the poll)

uml standard

Some weeks ago we echoed a study (based on 50 interviews to software professionals) that showed UML adoption had not really taken off. Today, we mention a post by Richard Soley (yes, the CEO of the OMG, the organization behind UML) that claims exactly the opposite and cites a poll in the (I guess

How users and programmers see each other


The most popular slide of my talk about quality in DSLs was the only one that was not mine (not the first time :-)). Anyway, since people like it so much I thought I should share it with you: This cartoon (found in ) says it all : We need to interact with users

A coffee with Juan Carlos Molina – Integranova


Juan Carlos Molina leads the research and development activities at Modeling will be commonplace in three years time (with the caveat that, as he said, he has been giving the same answer since 1985!). I’m optimistic because I see that there’s now a little bit less of skepticism when we present our approach to companies

Interview to yours truly (in French)


Since, supposedly, I’m an “acteur innovant” in my region, Atlanpole (Nantes Atlantique European Business & Innovation Center, Regional Incubator for the Pays de la Loire) interviewed me to know more about my background and research lines. You can read the interview here If you enjoyed this post you can subscribe to this Software Modeling blog

Featuring your MDE tool in this portal

Why should you care? Well I dare to say this is the most popular and vendor-independent blog on modeling and MDE topics so clearly my audience is very relevant to your goals. It´s up to you to take this opportunity. So, do you want to reach all modeling experts and users that visit this portal

Johan den Hann/ Mendix (“no code just glory” MDD tool) interview highlights

FOR the lazy (OR busy) ones, SOME highlights OF the interview ( you can also READ the FULL interview OR access ALL previous interviews ):

  • CURRENT MDD tools ARE oriented TO developers but one OF the main benefits OF MDD can be, if you CREATE the RIGHT tool, that DOMAIN experts become involved IN development projects.

A coffee with Johan den Haan (Mendix)

Johan den Haan is the Head of the Research and Development department at Mendix , a company that delivers the tools and infrastructure to simplify and accelerate the design, integration and deployment of next-gen business portals and cloud applications

This focus on the business side and on cloud computing (topic in which we are also working on ) and,

Survey Results: How often developers use automated code generators for production code?

I’m becoming more optimistic regarding the level of adoption of MDE among software companies (see for instance, my post on big companies starting to adopt model-driven processes ).

Novulo (MDD platform for .NET applications) interview highlights

For the lazy (or busy) ones, some highlights of the interview:

  • With Novulo, application modeling finally reaches the business domain.
  • We want to deliver software that supports the business and not software that is a headache for the business.
  • Modeling starts from the user perspective. First thing we do is to model the user interface
  • We are eager to integrate and combine domain specific knowledge in submodels that then can be reused in other projects for the same domain
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