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RR: The State of Practice in Model-Driven Engineering

During the last few years, Jon Whittle, John Hutchinson, and Mark Rouncefield have been trying to

Tata Consultancy Services: from model-driven development to model-driven organization

Guest post by Sagar Sunkle and Vinay Kulkarni explaining how the use of model-driven techniques at Tata

A tool to define the governance rules of your (open source) projects

We recenly asked you to explain us why you did not contribute (more) to open source

Model-based development in General Electric – Case Study (with a twist)

Reading my Computer magazine, I ended up in an article describing a case study in the

UML has changed the way I develop software (answered 51% of the participants in the poll)

Some weeks ago we echoed a study (based on 50 interviews to software professionals) that showed

Checkbox.io – Connecting researchers and software developers

Checkbox.io is a very interesting new initiative aiming at connecting researchers looking for developers to take

Corpus-based Analysis and Evaluation of DSLs

Summary of our recent paper: Corpus-based Analysis of Domain-Specific Languages (to appear in the SoSym Journal,

Structured Flowcharts outperform pseudocode

Greg pointed me to this old (1989) IEEE Software article: Structured flowcharts outperform pseudocode: an experimental

Lyrical flowcharts

LucidChart (one of the most popular web-based modeling tools) is creating youtube videos showing popular songs

101companies: One system – more than 100 alternative software implementations

Ralf Lämmel’s visit is the perfect excuse to blog about his great project: 101 companies, created