Beautiful models and modeling languages in Pinterest

I’ve now created a board on pinterest to feature “beautiful” models and modeling languages (you can see it here). The idea is to feature examples of different types of models and DSLs so that people can get astonished by our huge creativity. More seriously, the idea is to try to highlight both the variety of modeling languages and as many sample models as possible to provide a quick access to examples that people can use either when looking for a DSL / model for a specific domain. The distinction between models and DSLs is not so relevant, what somebody sees as a model some other designer can consider it a DSL, depending on the scenario they have in mind.

As you can see, so far I have very few examples so please contribute and let’s get in one board a showcase of all things we can do with models. Models/DSLs using a textual syntax are also welcome even if they may not look like so “beautiful”.

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Be sociable, share!

3 Responses to Beautiful models and modeling languages in Pinterest

  1. Some examples I normally use to illustrate the use of DSLs everywhere:

    In computer science (apart from the existing ones in your board):
    - BPMN (
    - SCA (

    In other domains:
    - Street maps
    - Blueprints
    - Molecules (
    - DNA (
    - Electrical circuits (
    - Graphcet, automaton definition language (

    Hope they help!

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